.@GovernorKayIvey: You got mail.

When I briefly co-managed a campground in Northern California, I spent a lot of time on the computer – tracking registrations, automating the bookkeeping, creating brochures. I was new to California, and spent time off the computer learning what to plant to dress up the campground, mindful of the salty air, temperate climate and the voracious appetites of the deer.

I was outside discussing plants with the owner when I noticed and commented on the strange looking crab that was walking a few feet away from us on the road. The strange looking crab, as it happens, was a scorpion. The owner cautioned me to check my shoes each morning before putting them on, because it was one of their favorite hiding places. I never forgot.

My office was the size of a small bathroom, but the views of the Albion River kept it from being claustrophobic. And I had a little friend to keep me company, a colorful, quarter-sized spider that was missing two legs, who seemed to love to just sit a few inches from the computer mouse and watch me move it around. I’m not at all fond of spiders, but this one seemed sickly, and in need of a friend.

I was doing the books one day – little friend at hand – when the owner came in and ordered me to freeze.

Scorpion afoot? Nope. The owner grabbed a book from the shelf next to me and smashed my colorful little friend. I’d befriended a black widow.

I missed it every day. I knew from how clumsily and slowly it moved and from the hours that it stayed motionless by the mouse pad that it was more likely to fall over dead than it was to strike me.

We have instincts, and they’re often sound. Those instincts tell us that sometimes dangerous things and even dangerous people outlive their dangerousness. And it’s okay to let them just sit a spell when they do.

Doyle Lee Hamm is dying. There’s not a whole lot of sense in killing him. Here’s hoping that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s instincts finally kick in, and that she decides to just let him sit a spell longer.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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11 Responses to .@GovernorKayIvey: You got mail.

  1. How did this turn out, Sue? Was Mr. Hamm executed today? Very much liked your intro story.


    • It seems that Mr. Hamm’s attorneys filed a motion with SCOTUS today. [http://billingsgazette.com/news/national/alabama-inmate-seeks-supreme-court-review-before-execution/article_d4089277-de2b-5567-b7ff-33c65f01ab70.html].

      Alabama isn’t the only southern state bent on murder by state today. Florida wants to execute Eric Branch. Apparently, his attorneys have raised a credible question regarding constitutionality with SCOTUS [http://www.pnj.com/story/news/crime/2018/02/21/legal-experts-ask-u-s-supreme-court-stay-eric-branchs-execution-m-eric-branchs-execution-unconstitut/354958002/].

      Such madness to equate vengeance with justice.

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      • I don’t understand. How can last-minute motions be effective? How is there enough time to process or approve, if there is the will to do so?


      • SCOTUS has temporarily stayed Mr. Hamm’s execution. That doesn’t mean that they’ll find in his favor. The time frame is at their discretion. There’s apparently a third execution scheduled for today. I can’t focus when I know even one person is about to be murdered, so my updates will likely be sporadic.


      • Excellent news and horrifying news on the other two executions scheduled for tonight: Texas Governor Greg Abbott commuted Bart Whitaker’s sentence to life without possibility of parole, sparing his victim/father the anguish of losing his last family member to violence. Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to commute Eric Branch’s constitutionally blemished sentence, he was executed. (I hadn’t realized, somehow, that Whitaker’s execution was scheduled for tonight, despite fighting for his life on Twitter and elsewhere.)


      • SCOTUS lifted its stay on Mr. Hamm’s execution, per Sister Helen Prejean on Twitter. He’s to be executed shortly. (The death warrant expires at midnight.)


      • Mr. Hamm will NOT be executed tonight.


    • Doyle Lee Hamm was repeatedly punctured and prodded into a bloody mess before they called off his execution. No way to describe it other than torture.


      • Found an article… That was/is horrible. If a state believes they must use capital punishment, why not a firing squad?


      • One of the worst problems of capital punishment – aside from our perennial propensity for executing innocents – is that it makes (poorly paid) assassins of corrections personnel. This problem can be solved by having our governors our presidents do the executions themselves, or by eliminating capital punishment altogether.

        As executions are mainly used as chair bound, pen swipe political pretenses at being tough on crime, I doubt any governor or president would be up for becoming a (well paid) assassin.


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