I come from a “shit-hole”

Koyote the Blind

I am not an American.

I was born in the continent known as “America”, yes. But somehow this United States has given itself the name of the entire continent.

Ronald Reagan demoted the rest of this magnificent continent to the mere “Backyard of America.”

That’s when I came here, to the “land of the free,” when Ronald Reagan sent billions of dollars to military dictators so they could use the money to rape, torture, and massacre my people. I didn’t want to come here. Oh, how I hated coming to this land so full of restrictions, prohibitions, and people kept so ignorant of their own history!

Once I came here, almost no one I met knew where my country was. They all assumed I was Mexican. Except for Mexicans. They knew where I was from, and knew they couldn’t trust me because if was from where I was, I had…

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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to I come from a “shit-hole”

  1. Hear, hear. I loved this post. I went to the original to see the rest. I am also from a shithole ie Jamaica.

    I can agree so much with that the writer says about constantly having to prove you have a right to be here, that you can be educated in the skin you’re in, and that you have the right to even make a living.


    • It is a great post; I’m grateful it came to my attention. Given my advancing age, I know what my country/your adopted country did to El Salvador and many other nations over the decades (under the guise of self-defense, worldwide peacekeeping and/or foreign trade). It seems that we’ll remain in the shithole/refugee-creating business until industrialized nations lead the way in saying “Yankee, go home, and when you get there, try deploying the Golden Rule instead of an iron fist in foreign diplomacy.”


      • Amen on the Golden Rule reference, Susan. It was remarkable that Trump’s unenlightened crass talk coincided with, and contrasted in the extreme to, Martin Luther King Jr.’s profoundly uplifting, inspiration-producing, visionary life, sadly cut short at 39 years on April 4, 1968 by forces from inside the U.S. government.


      • I’m not a citizen, so I haven’t adopted America just yet. Maybe in a few more years. When I got my green card was when citizenship was only necessary if you wanted to voted. So much has changed since then.

        America has caused its fair bit of strife in more recent years in Jamaica, as well, so you’re not alone in that experience. Our last big run-in with them was around 2010.

        Wishing you all the best, and a more peaceful life here for both of us.


      • It seems that the closer a prominent person’s politics align with an sane, enlightened, comprehensive interpretation of our Constitution, the more that person is perceived as a threat by the clandestine forces of our government, as well as equally not-so-sane, unenlightened private citizens. I hope the Millennials can reverse this, once and for all.


      • Sorry for my very belated response, Jerry and Alexis. I am heartened by the Parkland victims’ activism. In a matter of days, the NRA has lost many major corporate affiliations (per their announcements on Twitter), and I’m very hopeful that other corporations will follow. If we can help the Parkland victims find a way to finally force our government to change gun regulations – 19 years after Columbine – it’s possible we can rid ourselves of a lot of evil, entrenched policy … maybe even end endless wars. Let’s never give up, and never let up. We all deserve FDR’s four freedoms, and longevity should have its place, everyplace.


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