The Internet’s Own Boy … listen, learn, #believe

Evan Carmichael
Published on Nov 3, 2015

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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8 Responses to The Internet’s Own Boy … listen, learn, #believe

  1. The video is painfully relevant in light of the recent FCC ruling against Net Neutrality. Aaron Swartz… a devastating loss to democracy, integrity, and innovation.


    • Five years on, there’s been no healing from this loss. Perhaps it’ll come when people wake up, and listen to what he was trying to tell us.

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      • My hope hangs on the Political Revolution to restore balance, but otherwise… I fear the oligarchy would grind us into the ground before that happens.


      • It could be that the tech-savvy new generation of voters will have the oligarchic dinosaurs chasing their tails from the comfort of coffee houses, making a revolution unnecessary … I’m thinking of how successful Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) have been on Twitter in convincing companies to pull their ads from Briebart. Only poverty-wage-payer and perpetual subsidy-seeker Jeff Bezos (, Whole Foods, Washington Post) is stubbornly ignoring the Giants’ requests to take his business elsewhere. A Montgomery bus style 381 day boycott of Bezos’ empire might change his mind on a range of subjects. I hope we’ll find out soon.

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      • Thank you for the Sleeping Giants tip, Susan, great network! I hit the Twitter ‘follow’ button. I’ve already boycotted Amazon and Whole Foods — and I’ll post about a 381. How does this boycott get rolling? Is someone working on it?


      • I’m grateful to have stumbled over Sleeping Giants – their continual success in costing racist Briebart advertising incomes keeps me encouraged that anything and everything can change, if the right people develop the right mindset. There’s no formal effort I’m aware of to boycott Bezos’ businesses. The 381 days came to mind because I re-watch MLK documentaries this time every year, so was just reminded that the good people of Montgomery had to walk to work for that length of time to make a serious enough economic income to successfully end what Rosa Parks started. Maybe a new hashtag added to Twitter-shared articles about Bezos could get something started … #BoycottBezos381 or some such thing.

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      • I like it! I’ll Tweet a Bezos article with #BoycottBezos381 Will you RT? 🙂


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