All I want for Christmas is a threatened species.

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PETER FROST speculates on what Donald Trump is giving his family for Christmas.


President of the USA Donald Trump has long proved that there is nothing he won’t do for his family members. A major Government job? no problem son-in-law. A place in the White House and a contract to make US Army uniforms, certainly my darling daughter.

Even relocating the capital of Israel as a Haunkkah stocking filler for the Jewish side of the family? Consider it done says Donald.

Two family members, Donald’s oldest son Donald Junior and another son Eric (below) are both enthusiastic big game hunters scouring the globe for beautiful, rare and threatened animals and killing them.

Donald Jn. and Eric

Dad Donald is trying hard to change the law so that they and other US hunters can bring their bloody corpses of dead animals that they call sporting trophies back to the USA.

Trump has given the order…

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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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12 Responses to All I want for Christmas is a threatened species.

  1. Hello Susan,

    The image of Trump’s sons smiling after killing the jaguar, likely done to adorn their wall of “kills” to impress others, shows the absence of respect for life which for whatever reason seems to become a shared worldview of those who accumulate wealth to the point of attainment of the categorization as “high net worth individuals”. Opinions vary regarding any karmic effects those who kill out of disrespect for life will experience, but some hold the person who kills (unnecessarily, as opposed to necessary for sustenance and survival) will indeed suffer the negative consequences associated with their actions.

    It’s possible the Trump family is experiencing those negative karmic consequences now, illustrated by the near-total rejection of Trump’s Jerusalem decision at the United Nations General Assembly.

    On the topic of Jerusalem, Israel and the Palestinians …

    After clicking the link to “Frosty Ramblings” and reading the rest of this post, we were interested in another post there on Martin Luther and his hatred of the Jews, which we noticed was also re-blogged by yourself. Our spiritual perspective has (hopefully!) evolved since being born into a Finnish-descent Lutheran family in 1957, to the point of now being “apolitical” or holding a universal or cosmic perspective when it comes to religion/spirituality, however it seems any efforts to arrive at “where the rubber meets the road” or the roots of the continuing ideological battles being waged are potentially beneficial.

    Admitting near-zero familiarity with or research on the Talmud but for extremely critical commentary on various website posts, with common reference to Talmud verses on the acceptability of sexual contacts with the very young, the non-essential nature of the “goyim”, etc., we were hoping to get your assessment of the Talmud – its pluses and/or minuses as a spiritual book, and particularly the extent to which the Talmud guides Israeli policies today.


    • I’m not big on organized religion, Jerry; it’s only been a couple years since yet another evangelical Christian informed me that her pastor could drive the demons (epilepsy) from my head, and there’s only so many times one can hear such nonsense without becoming discouraged. As we’ve no realistic expectation of governments only allowing comparative religion to be taught in schools – if religion is to be taught at all – I hope that every individual examines their religion’s history and tenets in the new year and decides to disregard any concept that excuses or sanctifies oppression, exploitation, discrimination and violence.

      As for Trump, I suspect he so susceptible to flattery and not only driven by greed but personal exceptionalism (not nationalism) that we’ll never be able to anticipate his next move unless we somehow become privy to his close-door conversations. All we can know for sure, IMHO, is that his next move (and the next, and the next) is unlikely to be helpful to anyone but himself.

  2. Su Leslie says:

    Sickening. And on a completely different note — wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday season. All the best for the new year.

  3. Generous Daddy Don… sigh. Anyway, peace and joy, Susan! The best in 2018!

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