Martin Luther – the man who hated jews

“It is no coincidence that the infamous Kristallnacht — Night of Broken Glass — when nazis burned more than one thousand synagogues and smashed the windows of more than a thousand Jewish-owned shops, happened on Luther’s birthday, November 10 1939.”

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PETER FROST reminds us of Martin Luther’s rabid anti-semitism and misogyny


CHRISTIANS, with the obvious exception of those in the Vatican, are hard at it celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and of Martin Luther nailing his 95-point declaration to the door of the church in Wittenberg.

TV and the rest of the media are bombarding us with just how good this has been for all of us and the Protestant church in particular.

Without Luther, it seems, we would have no Church of England, nor dozens of various other Protestant churches.

What has been totally lacking are a couple of other aspects of Luther’s teaching and thinking. His misogyny — there was only one place for women, said Luther, and that was married and in the home.

The other was his hatred of Jews. There is no doubt that Luther and some of his writings were extensively used…

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