Define massive, define disdain …

Someone in my Hurricane Irma-damaged Florida neighborhood likely got tired of waiting for tree limbs to be picked up curbside; I’ve been smelling burning wood all day. It’s keeping my mind on where I used in Northern California, and the deadly infernos that are raging there. It’s already personal, a local friend has relatives who have lost everything except their lives.

When I applied for a “blue roof” tarp for my leaky roof yesterday, I had described the uprooted tree that’s resting on top of my house as “large,” and was told that the Corps had crews that could remove large trees so as to install the tarp. An Army Corps of Engineers inspector visited me earlier today, and said that my tree was “massive” – not large – and way too big for their crews to handle. I hadn’t meant to mislead anyone: in Northern California, a “massive” tree was one you could drive a car through. Sideways.

Discrepancies in accepted definitions are often innocently subjective, like this tree thing.

But some discrepancies in accepted definitions are anything but innocent. They’re manufactured by a person or group of persons for purposes of manipulation.

In the history of Western civilization that I’m familiar with, when a person gets on one knee, it’s recognized as humble supplication (as when a person is proposing marriage, accepting knighthood from a monarch, praying before a religious statue for a miracle, etc).

Getting down on one knee isn’t suddenly – after all these centuries – a show of defiance, disrespect and/or disdain. Not for a rancorous song that never, ever should have become our national anthem in 1931 or any other year, not for our flag, and not for our military. At least not by my reckoning. Please correct me if I’m wrong, using the poll below.

Our government is actively deporting Veterans who were honorably discharged, Vets who had been promised a pathway to citizenship … even Vietnam Vets. To me, the only honorable thing to do is to stop the deportations, and bring back the Vets that our government spit out … I believe in “If you serve, you stay.” Again, please correct me if I’m wrong, using the poll.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Define massive, define disdain …

  1. Agreed, Susan, taking a knee is hardly defiant. To me, combined with social/political protest, it projects a mournful quality.


  2. Donnetta Swartz says:

    Great Blog. Love and Blessings

    Sent from my iPhone


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