Direct aim at Detroit exoneree #DavontaeSanford … bullets’n’bullshit

Davontae Sanford was hospitalized Saturday night for a gunshot wound to the leg. A witness says there were multiple shots fired.

Davontae is allegedly not cooperating with Detroit police. If I were him, I wouldn’t, either.

Cooperating with Detroit police when he was 14 led to Davontae being falsely imprisoned for nine years, and the officers that bore false witness against him were never held accountable … Davontae achieved freedom just as the statute of limitations on their perjuries came into play (some coincidence, huh?). Detroit police had similarly coerced a confession to rape and homicide from mentally challenged Eddie Joe Lloyd. Eddie died not long after being DNA exonerated – prison now takes such a heavy toll that it warps minds and shortens lives.

Worse than Detroit PD’s bullshit with Davontae and Eddie is the cojoined bullshit of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who still pretends to the press that Davontae participated in the Runyon Street quadruple drug hit at age 14, despite hit man Vincent Smothers’ completely credible confession – which named the second shooter, an ADULT who wasn’t blind in one eye, or developmentally delayed, like Davontae.

Worthy’s ludicrously malicious false claim allows her to discount Smothers’ next mission, which is to help free incarcerated innocent Thelonious Searcy, who is serving some of Smothers’ time, too, just as Davontae had done.

Smothers contacted Searcy in 2015, after years of effort for Davontae [], during which he’d made it clear that, as a father, he couldn’t stand to have an innocent child remain behind bars because of something he’d done.

Vincent Smothers can empathize, and prioritize. And according to the Michigan State Police’s investigation of Detroit police regarding the Runyon Street quadruple homicides, Smothers is capable of candor.

Thelonious Searcy

Thelonious Searcy is still serving some of hit man Vincent Smothers’ time, but Smothers is working on freeing him.

Kym Worthy does not share these character traits, although they all seem non-negotiable prerequisites for becoming a Michigan county prosecutor.

Motown is my hometown. Friends and family tell me that Detroit is so much better since Mayor Mike Duggan took over, which is hogwash … justice was unavailable under his predecessors, and remains unavailable today.

If there’s no justice, there’s no peace, and if there’s no peace, any Duggan-era progress and prosperity will be fleeting, if it even exists at all … Davontae’s step father was shot and killed recently. There’s no bedrock base for peace in Detroit or Wayne County; the shifting sand of corrupt public servants suggests that only suckers play by the rules.

Mayor Duggan has to make sure that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder secures Kym Worthy’s resignation, and that her replacement engages the FBI and Department of Justice to address corruption within Worthy’s office, and within the DPD.



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Direct aim at Detroit exoneree #DavontaeSanford … bullets’n’bullshit

  1. Another example that terrible injustice is ongoing, and many times routine, in our nation.


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