Help Detroit hit man Vincent Smothers free another innocent

Detroit hit man Vincent Smothers is determined that to see to it that he is the only one who serves times for murders he committed for hire.

Smothers labored mightily to free Davontae Sanford, and succeeded last year.

Davontae was just 14 when Detroit police coerced a false confession to a quadruple homicide from him. The confession was never credible: Davontae is blind in one eye and developmentally delayed … getting the drop on four people was impossible. There was no gunshot residue on Davontae, and he guessed wrong in attempting to please police by identifying the guns that were used.

Davontae didn’t want to plead guilty in court; he did so because his mother asked him to, on the advise of incredibly sleazy attorney Robert Slameka.

Over the years of his incarceration and during his exoneration, Davontae’s story was covered by the Detroit media and by the national media. Not one reporter mentioned that an Amy Slameka worked in the prosecutors office, and that she had pull with the Bar.

Robert Slameka should have been long gone many times over via permanent disbarment by the Bar for behaviors like publicly declaring that Eddie Joe Lloyd – whom Slameka was representing on appeal – was guilty, which didn’t happen to be true. Eddie was subsequently DNA-exonerated of the rape-homicide he was convicted of.

Prison had ruined Eddie’s health, he died a short time after he was freed.

The terms of Eddie’s settlement with the city of Detroit included a formal commitment by Detroit police to record all interrogations, not just the end product of coercing a confession, as they’d done with Eddie … he was mentally ill and easily convinced by police that falsely confessing to a rape/homicide would smoke out the actual perpetrator. Had Detroit police adhered to that agreement, they wouldn’t have been able to frame Davontae, he would have been spared nine years of hell.

Now that Davontae Sanford is free, hit man Vincent Smothers is working on freeing another man who he claims is serving some of his time: Thelonious Searcy. I learned of this turn of events not through the mainstream media, but through Voice of Detroit‘s linked blog post.

It is well worth reading, and well worth sharing on social media … sharing is our best chance at ending the web spinning of public servants the media, the latter of which is typified by this quote from the post:

One reporter told VOD that he suspects Searcy and Smothers might have “cooked up” the confession together, likely explaining why other mainstream media has not publicized Searcy’s case.

It’s my decade-plus experience in independently advocating for incarcerated innocents that some reporters prefer to compose their article content from press releases, online searches and un-vetted quotes from public servants. Once these reporters have committed to the content of the press releases and the un-vetted comments in print or on the air, they will usually be too cowardly to say they were mislead. Whether they realize it or not, when they find out the truth about a frame-up and withhold it from the public, they demote themselves to hack status, and join in on a conspiracy to violate rights.

Vincent Smothers didn’t tell lies about the quadruple homicide Davontae was framed for; everything Smothers said was verifiable, down to the types of guns used and the location of one of them. Smothers information regarding the crime Thelonious Searcy is serving time for is likely verifiable, too (picture and caption below from a Voice of Detroit blog post, link below).

UPDATE 12-18-2017: A much more recent development in Detroit is the creation of a Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), which will be overseen by corrupt Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who labored long and hard to keep Davontae Sanford in prison, knowing he was innocent, and knowing that Detroit police had violated the terms of the agreement they made to settle matters with Eddie Joe Lloyd’s family to secure a coerced confession the child. Worthy misappropriated a fortune in taxpayers’ dollars to preserve the self-sullied reputations of officers and prosecutors, including her own.

No mention is made in either the coverage of the new CIU by the Detroit News [ or Detroit Free Press [] that Vincent Smothers has once again likely credibly confessed to a crime that another innocent is serving time for, although both mention Davontae Sanford.

Please share this post, and the Voice of Detroit‘s blog post, below. The fight to free Davontae should have taken weeks, not years. Please help it take far less time to free Thelonious Searcy. For all any of us know, Vincent Smothers may have more innocents to free. Thank you.



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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