Who lives, who dies, who tells your story – #CagedCrusader


Harold Hempstead, a/k/a #CagedCrusader, #MiamiHarold – Florida whistleblower/inmate Ghosted to Tennessee

Ghosting inmates from one state to another is often deadly. Thankfully, Harold Hempstead, a/k/a the Caged Crusader and Miami Harold, survived being transported from Florida to Tennessee in the dead of the night in the hours leading up to the release of Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s “close-out” report, which cleared Dade Correctional Institution corrections officers of wrongdoing in Darren Rainey’s horrific scalding homicide via misstating many facts, including ignoring additional premature deaths that likely would have been prevented had the sadism in the TCU been promptly investigated and prosecuted.

Richard Mair committed suicide in the TCU to escape sexual and physical abuse, selecting 9/11 as his exit date and tucking his suicide note into his shorts. Daniel Geiger, who survived the scalding shower, later died at Lake Correctional Institution, severely underweight.

Rundle’s report ignores Mair’s suicide note as well as the grievance that preceded it, both of which lend credibility to every word Harold Hempstead has uttered about conditions at the Dade CI TCU.

Rundle’s report even claims that Daniel lives on.

Character assassination is every lousy prosecutor’s close if not dearest friend, and the whole point of Rundle’s report was clearly to assassinate Harold’s character to protect corrections officers who deserved to be charged and tried for what they did to Darren.

Had no one died as a result of Katherine Fernandez Rundle putting that friend into play after years of delay, perhaps disbarment would have been a fitting punishment for her. But Richard did die. And so did Daniel. And maybe many others. There were many more deaths at Dade CI since Darren and Richard’s, and most of them are under investigation. At this point, it appears that no just solution can exclude federally prosecuting Rundle for Failure to Keep From Harm.


Richard Mair suicided on 9/11/13 rather than face more Dade CI sadism


Darren Rainey, #ScaldedToDeath at Dade Correctional Institution 6/23/12

Offender Picture

Daniel Geiger, Dade CI scalding shower survivor died severely underweight at Lake CI on 11/7/16

Featured Image -- 33895

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Date State Attorney, and the embodiment of injustice


The headline and text that follows was authored by Harold Hempstead, and was transcribed and blogged by Jeremy Schanche upon receipt. Please click the link to read through to the end of Harold’s statement, and sign the petition. Thank you.


Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

I believe that one of the reasons I was transferred from the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) on 3/17/17 to the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) was to hinder my communications with the media on the Darren Rainey murder case.  Why else would I have been sent outside of Florida 2 states away from Florida on the same day the Dade County State Attorney released their decision to not prosecute in the Darren Rainey case?

The Dade County State Attorney and FDC knew this would extremely hinder my ability to communicate with the media about the Dade County State Attorney’s decision and about their extreme twisting of the facts.  They knew that I would challenge their statements and twisting the most, so they decided to send me to another state on the same day they released their decisions.  By doing what they did it has made it where the State…

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