Lawless lockups are not #OneAndDone news stories, especially in #LoveFL

Whistleblowing Florida Department of Corrections inmate Harold Hempstead continues to alert various government and non-governmental agencies, specific members of the media as well as select concerned individuals to an increasing variety of dangerous and deadly prison conditions.

On all but one of the conditions he’s written about, receipt of Harold’s sworn statements served only as confirmations of what I have heard from the wrongly convicted gentlemen I advocate for and/or their families. It therefore mystifies me that the media is not staying apace with verifying and addressing Harold’s statements, given that it verified and covered the issues from Harold’s earlier whistleblowing, and given that the death toll rose last year within Florida prisons. Michele Gillen can be excused for her silence; she is no longer with Miami’s WFOR Channel 4 news.

Lawless lockups speak to the core competence and moral fitness not only of corrections officers and officials, but that of governors, state and federal attorney generals, federal agents, local and state police as well as prosecutors. Failing to apprise the public of the incompetence and moral turpitude of elected public servants – pre and post election – is not a function of journalism, it is instead a blatant form of election engineering, perhaps the most despicable form of corruption. We need to be protected from it immediately.

If the mainstream media doesn’t step up and make their reporting factual and timely, we must insist that our federal legislators and regulators bust up the mega-mergers that made sleazy election engineering so drop-dead easy for the handful of moguls who are growing their empires by using our blood, sweat, tears and very bones as fertilizer.

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

harold-hempstead-2 Harold Hempstead

One of the duties of the State is the protection of its most vulnerable prison inmates from the most dangerous and predatory. Certain prisoners fall into these special categories that require them to be segregated from general population – either because they are particularly vulnerable, and should be housed in Protective Management housing units; or because they are particularly dangerous, and should be housed in Close Management housing units.

The following sworn statement by Harold Hempstead – who’s serving one hundred and sixty five years for allegedly organizing various burglaries – describes how the Florida Department of Corrections is blatantly abusing its responsibility towards the basic human rights and civil rights of its prisoners by placing violent predators in ‘Protective Management’ units. This is being done as policy and is a way of taking away even a minimum sense of protection from inmates.  This official disregard for the…

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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