#CagedCrusader/#MiamiHarold/#HaroldHempstead and Melinda Miguel

I’m the Susan Chandler that wrongly incarcerated, increasingly endangered whistleblowing Florida inmate Harold Hempstead copies on correspondence to various public servants about the Sunshine State’s failure to uphold the civil rights of numerous individuals.

My degree is in interior design, not law or journalism … so why copy me? Because it somehow came to Harold’s attention that I’ve also sent correspondence to public servants about Florida’s failure to uphold civil rights of numerous individuals – FOR OVER TWELVE YEARS – which has increasingly endangered me.

Does Harold copying me on correspondence intensify the endangerment? Hell yes. Harold’s letter to Florida Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel (below) reveals the dastardly games that rogue Florida corrections employees play with civilians who try to assist inmates. This particular game is a convoluted pretense that Harold’s sister – his staunchest ally – was involved in a plan to kill him.  

If Florida Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel responds, it will likely be nothing more than a furtive acknowledgement of receipt of correspondence. That isn’t the level of effort that Floridians pay CI Miguel for when lives are at stake, but it’s the level of effort she’s gotten away with year after year. Governor Rick Scott doesn’t expect much from public servants, aside from looking the other way while Florida tax dollars enrich the already rich, often not even Floridians. It is unlawful for CI Miguel and Governor Scott to do nothing to protect Harold Hempstead, his sister and me, and all the endangered Floridians we advocate for. The crime is Failure to Keep From Harm. When we manage to make our federal government operable again, there will a record number of investigations, trials and convictions of state and federal employees who made nearly every private citizen protect and serve each other, and themselves.

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Harold Hempstead, a/k/a Caged Crusader, Miami Harold


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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  1. helpmybrotherharoldhempstead says:

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    Yes these are the games Fl.Dept of Corrections play when you advocate for their inmates,they kill those inmates and if you speak out and attempt to disclose what they are doing it might make you their nest target,but we can’t let this behavior stop us or inmates will continue to die

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