Dead men tell no tales, innocents remain framed

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Mourns Death of Former Chief Deputy Ronald L. Clark

Our community owes a great deal of gratitude to Chief Clark as his entire working life has been dedicated to the service of others. Whether in the United States Army, Chief Investigator at the Titusville Police Department, or as our Chief Deputy, the service level of law enforcement improved under his watchful eye.


Ron Clark’s wife Vicki, who survives him, worked for decades for John Dean Moxley, who went from being perhaps America’s most corrupt prosecutor to perhaps America’s most corrupt judge, so Ron Clark could very well know the person who located inmates within the Brevard County jail who were willing to lie on the stand about a stranger for a sentence reduction, or be the very person who located snitches.

To my knowledge, no reporter has ever approached either of the Clarks about what they knew and when they knew it regarding the scores of coached snitches that were used to frame the likes of Wilton Dedge, Gerald Stano, William Dillon, Gary Bennett, etc.

Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who wrote the linked tribute to Ron Clark, previously worked for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and was assigned to Brevard. Instead of serving the public, Ivey served the public servants who framed innocents. 

Reporters won’t race to ask Vick Clark about the possibility that her husband was the facilitator of locating snitches to coach, even though the majority of snitches didn’t deserve light sentences, and even though warehousing framed innocents does nothing to keep society safe. Reporters care about what they’re told to, and they’re told to report favorably about public servants who are likely to promote the interests of the corporate media, not public safety.


Offender Picture

Gerald Stano was executed in 1998. There was no forensic evidence against him, only the testimony of already-disgraced dog handler John Preson and admittedly coached jailhouse informant Clarence Zacke, who also admitted to testifying falsely against now-exonerated Wilton Dedge.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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