Anthrax and Zombie Reindeer [and @realdonaldtrump]

Peter Frost closes his horrifying article with hopes that scientists have learned their lesson about using anthrax and other naturally occurring diseases as weapons of war. Given the reasonable assumption that a daunting number of industrialized nations have stored up enough anthrax and other deadly bacteria to kill us all, it doesn’t really matter whether scientists have learned a thing … in a matter of days, the United States will be led by corporate sociopath Donald Trump and as many of his corporate sociopath appointees as our anything-but-illustrious senate sees fit. Our embassies worldwide will be leaderless until a legion of corporate sociopaths can be put in place. Sociopaths love to see what they can get away with (who they can kill/defraud/enslave, what they can destroy/steal/diminish); it is what fuels their existence. Russia didn’t give Donald Trump this election, the corporate sociopaths controlling the mainstream media did. They never vetted Trump; they gave him endless air time and column inches; they pretended that playing a successful entrepreneur on a ridiculous television show had monumental significance. We aren’t in for a bumpy ride, we’re in for a precipitous end to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Start resisting, folks. Sign every petition you trip over that reminds our senate that our government is to be by and for the people, not by and for corporate sociopaths. Here’s one:

Frostys ramblings a left look at life

Bio weapon or natural disease, anthrax is back in the news. PETER FROST investigates the nasty bacteria and the deadly reindeer.  ANTHRAX, even the word causes a shiver of fear and panic and now the disease is hitting the headlines among the reindeer herds of Arctic Russia.

Anthrax is back in the news. This time among the Nenets, an aboriginal people who have been tending their huge herds of reindeer in the high Russian Arctic. The Nenets’ herds are becoming infected by anthrax.

The popular press has named the phenomena the zombie reindeer. If I didn’t know, I might suspect the story was dreamed up by a Hollywood screen-writer. But sadly it is all too true.

This summer saw a heat-wave in Siberia with record temperatures as high as 35°C. This warmth thawed out an anthrax-infected reindeer corpse that had laid buried in permafrost for over 70 years.


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