@POTUS: Tommy Ziegler is innocent; Maurice Paul wasn’t, @orlandosentinel isn’t #pardonTommyZ


Fake News is nothing new, folks. Former Orlando Sentinel editor David Burgin died a tormented man; he was convinced that William “Tommy’ Zeigler was innocent, and that the Sentinel had done a hatchet job on him. I previously published Burgin’s To Whom It May Concern letter, here: https://wobblywarrior.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/towards-saving-tommy-from-the-horses-mouth-orlando-sentinels-coverage-was-dastardly/

On December 27th, one of Tommy’s most outspoken advocates – Ray McEachern- sent this plea to Florida’s Speaker of the House, Richard Corcoran via Corcoran’s webform:

To the Honorable Richard Corcoran;

As my state representative, house speaker, and an attorney I seek your assistance in contacting Attorney General Pam Bondi about the Florida Supreme Court appeal of 40 year death row inmate William Thomas Zeigler, Case No. SC16-1498.  Mr. Zeigler became a friend of mine about 10 years ago after I retired, but I have known about this tragic case since it happened in Winter Garden on Christmas Eve 1975 through my brother, Leigh, who was then the Orange County chief deputy sheriff. Mr. Zeigler, through his pro bono attorneys, is appealing the denial of his petition for DNA testing. Ms. Bondi’s opposition which is on line is typical of the legal “mumbo jumbo” that has charactized this case from the beginning. On the forty-first anniversary of the murder of his wife, her parents, and another man in his store, I posted several short videos on YouTube using facts about the case that demonstrate his innocence. I find it totally senseless to oppose this DNA testing which his lawyers are willing to pay for, partly on the grounds that the appeal does not include a statement that the DNA testing done in 2001 (which these same pro bono attorneys believed were so conclusive that they petitioned for his release) were “inconclusive”. Of course, there were other grounds for her opposition, but to the layman as well as to plain common sense, that is the kind of reasoning that only would convince a supreme court justice not to look at the facts and just vote to deny the appeal as the court has done previously.

Speaker Corcoran, I hope you will find the time to review the brief Youtube links below and agree to meet with me to discuss how best to keep another innocent man from being wrongfully executed.  Thank you.

Ray  McEachern didn’t include what may be the most telling YouTube video link among those he forwarded to Speaker Corcoran, when one is considering the Orlando Sentinel’s “dastardly” omission in the reporting of Maurice Paul’s death – his refusal to recuse himself over the battle he’d previously lost to Tommy (Tommy helped a black man retain his liquor license, enraging local white supremacists), and his pretrial commitment to impose the death penalty  … no matter what a jury decided. The video below is of Ray’s brother, Leigh, describing Paul’s dark pledge.

Tommy must be pardoned immediately, via President Obama ceasing to pretend his powers to pardon are limited (while his war powers are unlimited).

Maurice Paul’s estate must be attached in full to partially mend the 40+ year fraud he perpetrated on Floridians in brazenly engineering Tommy’s frame-up.

Anything less puts another “win” in the white supremacists’ column, and FBI Director Comey, US Attorney General Lynch and President Obama mustn’t let that happen.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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