Worst-case @FBIRecordsVault dumps would damn @TheJusticeDept, @FBI

The Twitter page for the FBI Records Vault is suddenly active, dumping documents that are claimed to be belated responses to requests, generated by mechanical error. So I asked for document dumping that would be more consistent with preserving lives and liberties.

Detroit police coercive tactics and perjuries  led to the frame-ups of now-exonerated  Eddie Joe Lloyd and Davontae Sanford. Robert Slameka did an inexcusable job of defending both mentally-challenged males, despite Davontae only being 14 when falsely accused. An attorney named Amy Slameka has worked within the Wayne County Prosecutors Office for most of this century, and may well be Robert’s daughter, calling into question – given Robert’s so obviously throwing both Eddie and Davontae under the bus – every “defense” that he mounted.

There is a priceless portion to frame-ups, one which can’t be measured by the dollars misspent on prosecuting and warehousing the wrong people … we pay for rapists and killers remain on the streets to take more victims.

Victims like Davontae Sanford’s steadfast step-father, Jeremaine Tilmon, who was shot and killed last night in Detroit.

I remember how few of my posts about Davontae were shared by readers on social media while he was still incarcerated, even though my 12-year track record of advocating for actual innocents is sound. Sharing the news that Davontae had been freed didn’t require thinking, bravery, compassion, etc.,  and didn’t do a thing to make up for lost time, not Davontae’s, not his family’s, not mine. So please do feel guilty, guilty enough to contribute towards  Jeremaine Tilmon’s final expenses: https://www.gofundme.com/jermaine-tilmon

Then please feel guilty enough to read on, because I’m not done addressing the FBI’s deadly darkness.

Brevard County, Florida Judge W David Dugan tried his best to keep at least local frame-ups involving the perjured testimony of oft-discredited dog handler John Preston intact … Wilton Dedge, William Dillon and Gary Bennett. Only Gary remains behind bars. Preston was used scores of time within the judicial circuit upon the recommendation of a neighboring circuit: dozens of Florida public servants – including governors – deserve to lose their assets and their freedom for either their roles in the frame-ups, or their roles in the coverups.

To the best of my knowledge, Preston was initially discredited in July of 1982 by Julius Manning’s confessions to a series of post office crimes, clearing Dale Sutton of the involvement that Preston described in his perjuries. Sutton was released from custody in January of 1983, a year before Brevard put Preston on the stand to testify against Gary Bennett, in the full knowledge (public defenders, police, prosecutors) that Preston had been found a fraud. A few years later, Brevard Judge Gilbert Goshorn – apparently unaware of Manning/Sutton – skill-tested Preston and found he could track nothing, which resulted in Juan Ramos’ release from death row in 1987. In the late 90’s, DNA on hair used to frame Wilton Dedge proved not to be his (the samples didn’t even match each other), but he was not released until 2004, when the DNA of the sperm also proved not to be his. William Dillon was released when DNA on a bloody T-shirt proved not to be his, despite his evidence arriving unsealed at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, Texas. Gary Bennett was not freed because there mysteriously was no DNA to test when his evidence arrived at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, Texas two years later.

Coached jailhouse informants had been used against Wilton, William, Juan and Gary to back up Preston’s perjuries. Prosecutors Chris White and John Dean Moxley lazily used the same informant twice, per his own admission … Clarence Zacke testified against both Wilton and Gerald Stano, in whose investigation Preston had participated without taking the stand (Preston may have appeared before a grand jury, aside from his  blatherings in the media). Gerald was executed in 1998, despite the best efforts of brave Daytona officers who swore that Gerald was a serial confessor, not a serial killer. In 2002, hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson was executed, having been convicted using Preston’s perjuries and a coached informant in that neighboring circuit that had recommended Preston to Brevard.

The FBI had been involved in Linroy’s case, a post office crime.

Other Preston perjury convictions remain intact without diligent review, and not just in Florida: Stephen Epperly remains incarcerated for a Virginia no-body homicide despite documented prosecutorial misconduct. Worse, it seems that every DNA-discredited dog handler the FBI was ever associated with is being protected, at the cost of keeping hundreds of rapists and killers on the streets … Texas’ Keith Pikett was more prolific than Preston, mucking up @2,500 investigations to Preston’s @1,000.

Florida governors who know of this include Bob Graham, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. As governor, Graham undertook an unsuccessful investigation of John Preston, and his trainer. Graham also served on the senate intelligence oversight committee for a decade, one that encompassed the continuing FBI’s continuing to coverup their use of several discredited dog handlers, while false imprisonment continued, while executions continued.

Other nations fear us more than any other nation – even wacky North Korea – yet can’t help laughing at us. Continually. They know how likely we are to slay Edward Snowden without charge or trial for taking four laptops and keeping them secure, with only the best of intentions. They also know we protect incompetent and corrupt government employees, including FBI personnel who likely sold their laptops and weapons to the highest bidder, and are likely responsible for the Clinton email leaks that everybody and their brother is trying to blame on Russia.

****** This post is incomplete, and is being published in this sorry state so as not to lose portions of it due to another computer freeze or crash. Thank you for your patience. *****

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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