Hunger Marchers

” … why among so many hunger marches is the Jarrow Crusade the best known and remembered?

Out of all the hunger marches its aims were the least militant and it made the most modest gains — and that of course is the main reason why it was the most warmly received by the media, the Tories, right-wing Labour and all those who would, over the years, rewrite working-class history for their own political ends.”

Frostys ramblings a left look at life

The Jarrow Crusade is the best known hunger march, but there were many others says PETER FROST

EIGHTY years ago this month the Jarrow March, also known as the Jarrow Crusade, arrived in London.

Around 200 men set off 80 years ago today on a 26-day march from Jarrow to London to protest against the unemployment and poverty suffered in the northeast Tyneside town.

Although it wasn’t the first or indeed the biggest protest march of unemployed people, it certainly caught the imagination of the nation.


In fact, many other marches of the unemployed to London, termed hunger marches, had taken place since the early 1920s.

Most of these marches had been organised by the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement (NUWM), an organisation set up and led by members of the recently formed Communist Party.

The Labour Party and Trade Union Congress (TUC) leadership would have little to do with these marches.

They exercised the…

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