Public defender tells it like it is about Florida Department of Law Enforcement [@fdlepio]

Inviting FDLE to Investigate Officer-Involved Shootings Is Just a PR Move

Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes calls it “such a crock of shit they are selling folks… Handing over the Frazier investigation to the FDLE is such a political move,” he explains. “It grants both the sheriff and the state attorney’s office political cover from an angry police union if the investigation turns south. It also allows them to deflect the community’s concerns if the FDLE finds no wrongdoing. The community loses in each situation because the FDLE can’t be held accountable, since they’re not elected.”



Because all that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) actually does is rubber stamp wrongdoing as something-other-than-wrongdoing, Florida will likely prove to be the most corrupt state in the nation when the countless crocks of shit sold to Floridians in various stages of decomposing are finally counted.

Some of the crocks are very, very old.

For over a century, men got away with abusing and murdering boys at the Florida School for Boys (a/k/a Dozier School for Boys). Some of the the abused are still alive to tell their stories; the “White House Boys” are shown intermittent concern by pubic servants and the media, but that’s as far as the matter ever goes, even though Failure to Keep From Harm is a federal crime.

Thomas Merton was likely writing about universities, but he may as well have been writing about Florida:

“I am willing to admit that some people might live there for years, or even a lifetime, so protected that they never sense the sweet stench of corruption that is all around them … “

The Department of Justice – whose job it is to prosecute Failure to Keep From Harm – is   actively keeping the lids on The Sunshine State’s shit crocks. The DoJ’s holding pattern  invites repetition of crimes that they’ve thus far refused to address, which is Failure to Keep From Harm at the federal level. Loretta Lynch must either change her ways or change employers. And she shouldn’t expect anyone to back down from seeking her prosecution.

Kudos to public defender Gordon Weekes for calling “crock of shit” in an excessive force failure-to-keep-from-harm matter. With over 90,000 attorneys in Florida, one would think that at least few thousand would be as courageous. And one would be wrong.

Dead wrong.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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