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Who lives, who dies, who tells your story – #OscarGiles

Update 5/1/17: Once again, I noticed “hits” on Oscar Giles on my blog, and checked the Florida Department of Corrections website to see if he is okay. He’s not. Oscar died on February 2nd, a little over a month past … Continue reading

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Davontae Sanford, Exoneree Du Jour

Networks/newspapers' legal staffs allow reporters to omit info about feds' #FailureToKeepFromHarm obligations. Why? — Susan Chandler (@wobblywarrior) July 15, 2016 When innocence industry attorneys are involved in exonerations, mainstream media  accounts all sound or read pretty much the same, even … Continue reading

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Towards freeing Tommy: Ray tries yet again – updated

Ray McEachern wants justice for incarcerated death row innocent Tommy Zeigler. Here, Ray challenges Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit judges to want justice, too. [Update 7/15/16: Ray received a few automated responses from judges who were on vacation. Nothing more. Please … Continue reading

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Some leaks are absolutely okay with @BarackObama

petition: Demand the Army Investigate the Violation of Chelsea Manning's Medical Privacy — Serena Blaiz (@peacearena) July 12, 2016 Please sign and share the petition from the link within this Twitter post above. Thank you. For Immediate Release: July … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn Talks About “Real Pressure”

Progressive Graffiti Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn was asked the question, “How are you coping with the pressure that’s on you?” Listen to how he turns that around to talk about the real pressures in society. Thanks to sdbast, where … Continue reading

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What’s Really Going on Under the Hood of the Marijuana Movement: Big Marijuana, Gmos, and Hemp | The Last American Vagabond

We can make legally beer and wine at home for personal consumption in most states (despite how addictive alcohol is), but we can’t – since 1938 – grow a medicinal herb anywhere in US without fear of federal prosecution. We … Continue reading

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“Up to Us” Caravans to Converge in Philly for the Democratic National Convention

Democratic superdelegates that stick with coddled criminal Hillary Clinton are pledging their allegiance to corrupt cronies, and saying to hell with their country. Not one of them should ever hold public office again, or be allowed to participate in DNC … Continue reading

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