Oscar Giles: 37 years (and counting) for non-violent offenses – updated

Offender Picture

Oscar Giles – Serving life for non-violent offenses

[Update 11/4/16: I became concerned about Oscar due to an inordinate number of “hits” on his name on my blog. I checked the Florida Department of Corrections website, fearing he had died. The corrections site says that he is still alive (at least as of October 30th), but now weighs just 152 pounds. Please pray for Oscar, and please sign the petition below to reinstate parole in Florida. We’re better than this. We have to be. Thank you.]

Oscar Giles is 6’4″ and weights just 172 pounds … it seems the 67-year-old is serving not just life, but hard life here in Florida.

Floridians’ hard-earned tax dollars are ending up in the hands of predatory prison privatizers and vendors who successfully lobbied for ridiculous sentence lengths and an end to parole. These leeches celebrate recidivism as openly as Floridians would celebrate rehabilitation, if they would remember that most failures to rehabilitate result in new crimes, often in their own communities. And that the new crimes by re-offenders are likely to be more serious, after long-term association with hardened felons.

This isn’t thinking outside the box; it’s just thinking, period. In reality, there is no box. You either think, or you don’t.

Please do think, and sign this petition to reinstate parole in Florida. Thank you.


Oscar Giles serving life for burglary. Just one visitor in 37 years. Wants to see his mother before she dies.

Giles broke into a liquor store at 3:30 a.m. in Lakeland, Florida when no one was present.  He says that when officers arrived on the scene, he ran and was caught shortly thereafter.

Officers found a gun on the ground about three blocks away from the store and attributed the gun to him; he says his fingerprints were not found on it.

Giles said he committed the burglary because he was “young and stupid”. Since he was incarcerated 37 years ago, Giles says he has had only one visitor.

He hopes to be released from prison so that he can spend time with his 90-year-old mother before she dies.  She lives in Alabama and is not physically able to visit him.

via http://www.harshjustice.org/#!Oscar-Giles-serving-life-for-burglary-Just-one-visitor-in-37-years-Wants-to-see-his-mother-before-she-dies/cd7b/5637c2b70cf2c322b490bb8b


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