Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe

” … without a doubt, the US role in the war in Yemen has done far more to add to Yemen’s suffering than to end it.”


yemen map

Yesterday, the United Nations released a report saying that more than half of Yemen’s population is now food insecure. Out of Yemen’s 22 governorates, 19 are facing “severe food insecurity,” and as long as the conflict continues, there’s little hope that access to food will improve. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) also confirms that “about 51% of the population is suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition.” That is a 9.4 percent increase according to the IPC’s previous analysis in June 2015.

Yemen’s increase in food insecurity is unfortunately just one aspect of Yemen’s suffering. The restriction on commercial and humanitarian imports, mass displacement of people, high price of fuel, food, and other essential commodities, have all all contributed to Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe. In a country that imports 90 percent of its staple foods, fuel shortages and import restrictions are particularly harsh. Furthermore, in a country where…

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