@USPS can help end the backdoor taxes on inmates and their families

Overcharging inmates and their families for phone access, canteen sundries, banking services, etc.,  is a predatory practice that can’t possibly end soon enough – it’s clearly backdoor taxation, taxation that is in no way indicative of a participatory process constituting representation.

The United States Postal Service formerly provided banking services to the public, and should do so again: the need is greater now than when services were first offered. As greedy as banksters were in 1910, they did not charge the public interest rates that payday loan operations now gouge from our most vulnerable populations – about 300%. Thom Dunn included these fact-checked words on Upworthy regarding postal banking:

According to an extensive white paper put together by the USPS, those unbanked and underbanked Americans spent a combined total of about $89 billion on interest and fees from alternative financial services in 2012.

But if services like check cashing were available at the post office — a public institution obligated to provide affordable and quality services — it would save money for millions of Americans, while also having the potential to bring in an estimated $8.9 billion in revenue for the USPS itself.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the politicians who support the idea. The USPS even has a plan to implement it. So what is Congress waiting for? (Who knows? It’s Congress, ugh.)


Every US retailer should get behind restoring USPS banking services to the widest possible populations, including inmate populations … every dollar that’s kept out of predators’ hands is a dollar that can be spent in retail establishments. Unbanked and underbanked Americans were fleeced out of $89 billion in interest and fees in 2012 dollars; it’s reasonable to believe that matters have since gotten worse … Americans increasingly  work longer hours for lower pay.

Worse – ever so much worse – banksters weren’t content with just destroying postal banking services. They’re out to destroy the postal service, period.

Uploaded on Mar 29, 2016

Workers and advocates gather in Baltimore to fight back against what they say are concerted efforts by private interests to undermine the agency in order to eliminate solid middle class jobs

Please sign every petition to keep and/or expand the United States Postal Service that happens your way, including this one. Thank you.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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