Julie Jones is no @FL_Corrections crusader

The Miami Herald’s article, “The education of Julie Jones, Florida’s prisons chief” was one-sided.

It neglected to question Rick Scott’s choice of Jones to head the Florida Department of Corrections in the face of the unresolved controversies of her leadership of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, i.e.; specious use of stringray type technologies as well as the state’s D.A.V.I.D. system (a/k/a Facebook for Cops; a records request revealed four agencies “interest” in me, including the FBI’s).

It also failed to question Jones about her status as a DROP pension double dipper: Jones collected an outrageous lump sum pension payout and now receives a hefty monthly pension payout while collecting a generous salary … she’s rolling in hundreds of thousands of Floridians’ tax dollars while appearing to be consumed by concerns about Florida’s budget shortfalls that result in short-staffing, underpaying and overworking corrections’ staff – shortfalls that fuel officer-on-inmate violence that are directly caused not only by Florida’s welfare-for-the-wealthy DROP pension plan, but by corrections-related issues – Florida’s expensive new New Jim Crow snowballs-chance-in-hell felon rights restoration process, Florida’s expensive new New Jim Crow snowballs-chance-in-hell at parole, Florida’s desperate death grip on the death penalty, despite having the most death row exonerations nationwide, (apparently for purposes of killing off the remaining framed individuals before the world catches on … like William “Tommy” Zeigler).

It didn’t challenge the credentials of the independent audits of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which are less than sterling; it didn’t even question Jones’ attempt to make it seem that 40 years is a normal life expectancy … inmate deaths between the ages of 41 and actual life expectancy can’t be disregarded; middle age isn’t old age, by any interpretation.

The Miami Herald solicited complaints about inmate abuse, neglect, endangerment and wrongful death from the friends and families of inmates; they have names, dates and events to follow up on. Hitting “pause” on that pursuit to let Julie Jones muddy the waters still further was an unwise and unfortunate choice. People are dying to get out of Florida prisons. Even twenty-somethings. Literally.

Offender Picture

Young Jeffrey Srang died of cancer shortly after his early release: I told the Miami Herald what I know about his medical treatment while incarcerated and the conditions of his release, and provided family contact information. 





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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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