More of what @TheJusticeDept received from inmate Harold Hempstead

Governor Rick Scott is failing to keep Floridians from harm, a federal crime that falls to the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute. Below is “Caged Crusader” Harold Hempstead’s most recent affidavit portraying his first hand knowledge of the scalding homicide of mentally ill Dade Correctional Institution inmate Darren Rainey. The affidavit is now weeks old, as Rainey’s homicide approaches a fourth anniversary of deliberate mishandling. Because there are now hundreds and hundreds of suspicious inmate deaths being similarly mishandled, it’s time to admit that those of us who want justice are beating a dead horse in pressing the FBI and Department of Justice to deliver it: they’re committing the same federal crime as Rick Scott … failure to keep from harm. It appears it is time for the Caged Crusader to address his affidavits to international authorities.

Scanned Image 160660015.jpg

Scanned Image 160660016.jpg


Scanned Image 160660017.jpg

Scanned Image 160660018.jpg

Scanned Image 160660019.jpgScanned Image 160660020.jpg


Scanned Image 160660021.jpg


Scanned Image 160660023.jpgScanned Image 160660022.jpg

Scanned Image 160660024.jpgScanned Image 160660025.jpg

Scanned Image 160660026.jpgScanned Image 160660027.jpg






























About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  2. helpmybrotherharoldhempstead says:

    Reblogged this on Helpmybrotherharoldhempstead's Blog and commented:
    Below is a blog from the Wobbly warrior blogs it she is addressing my brothers sworn avadavit on what happened June 23 2012 the night Darren Rainey died. These avidavits won’t stop until justice is served and blogs like mine and The Wobbly warriors will continue to publish them until all this senseless beatings,deaths,set-ups,rapes etc…. stops.As the blog says below perhaps my brother needs to consider sending these legal documents to the International authorities.Definitely something to talk to him about.

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  4. Susan, please contact me Re: HH / DR / FDOC. Thanks.

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