Towards saving Tommy: A 1st fair day in court today?

Innocent Florida death row inmate William “Tommy” Zeigler’s story was the same 40 years ago while he endured the physical and emotional pain of being the sole gunshot victim to survive a mass killing, the same when he took a lie detector test under the influence of truth serum, the same now. The limited DNA tests that were conducted supported Tommy’s story.

Corrupt prosecutors, like Jeff Ashton, have repeatedly claimed that Tommy’s story changes continually, and corrupt/inept Orlando Sentinel editors gave that lie (and many others) voice, even after DNA disproved public servants’ statements they’d previously published.

Former Sentinel editor-in-chief David Burge, acknowledging his personal role in this farce, tried with all his might to free Tommy, until his dying day. Burge wrote, here, “I believe The Orlando Sentinel to be guilty of the ugliest kind of journalism.” That guilt is no longer a matter of personal belief; it’s a matter of fact. That Florida’s governors continue to ignore that fact is a federal Color of Law crime, “Failure to Keep from Harm.”

Please pray for Tommy; please reTweet for Tommy … all the dear man needs is ONE FAIR DAY IN COURT, one The Orlando Sentinel dare not misconstrue, one that Governor Rick Scott can’t pretend didn’t happen without fear of bringing federal wrath down upon him.


From: “Ray McEachern” <>
Date: March 1, 2016 8:30:40 AM EST
Subject: Tommy Zeigler Case Hearing Today May Subpoena Felton Thomas

The Honorable Judge Reginald Whitehead will hold a hearing in room 6-B, Orange County Courthouse today at 1:30 PM. The purpose is to determine whether to subpoena Felton Thomas to appear at  the DNA heaing scheduled for March 31, 2016. Felton Thomas testified at the Zeigler trial in 1976 that he left the store before four people were found dead in the Zeigler Furniture Store in Winter Garden on Christmas Eve 1975. Tommy Zeigler was found shot through the abdomen in the store, but Thomas helped put Zeigler on death row by his now changed testimony. If Felton Thomas’s DNA is found among the evidence that may have been preserved, it will prove Tommy Zeigler was falsely prosecuted and convicted of the murders as he has always maintained. See for more information on the crime.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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