@WFSUnews misrepresents #LoveFL’s exoneration compensation

Lawmakers Hope To Ease Compensation Process For Wrongfully Incarcerated

Florida is one of 30 states that automatically compensates those who are wrongfully incarcerated. But Florida’s eligibility requirements mean not all exonerees get paid out once they’re freed. That’s because of the Clean Hands Provision, passed by the Legislature in 2008. Under that Provision, people with prior felony convictions cannot be automatically compensated, even if those convictions happened while wrongfully imprisoned. Senator Rob Bradley of Orange Park says the law is too strict.

via: http://news.wfsu.org/post/lawmakers-hope-ease-compensation-process-wrongfully-incarcerated


Offender Picture

Gary Bennett, framed 32+ years ago by some of the same Brevard County public servants that framed WFSU News’  exoneration “for instance,” William Dillon.

Despite WFSU News’ portrayal, Florida’s exoneration compensation laws (below) don’t have just one problem (the Clean Hands Provision) … the exoneration compensation statutes are instead a nearly unintelligible legislative minefield of impediments designed to deprive the exonerated of receiving damages that are clearly due them.

WFSU News wasn’t even honest about their “for instance” – William Dillon. In addition to having “Unclean Hands” from a minor drug possession conviction, Dillon was NOT declared by the courts to be “Factually Innocent” or “Actually Innocent” upon release after 27+ years, despite DNA tests that excluded him. Because of this, Dillon was subjected to further accusations of being guilty in legislative hearings, not just legislators’ holier-than-thou, belittling bullfeathers about his prior arrest for (very) minor drug possession.

Scores of men were framed in Brevard County in the exact same manner that Bill was. Few have been freed; most haven’t had their names still cleared, at least one was executed. Only two of the exonerated have been compensated. Other men have been framed in Brevard County in dissimilar manner, all within the knowledge of The Department of Justice, which pretends the whole damn mess doesn’t exist because of the FBI’s involvement with DNA disgraced dog handlers, including John Preston, who testified against William Dillon and so many others. Gary Bennett was framed in Brevard using John Preston more than a year after Preston had been discredited in a FEDERAL court; he suffered a 32nd anniversary of false imprisonment last month.

WFSU News isn’t shy about blowing its own horn, and is just as inaccurate in doing so as it is in describing Florida’s exoneration compensation laws:

Every member of the WFSU News Team is an award-winning reporter and the organization’s coverage to local, state and regional issues has made the team an invaluable community asset.

Misleading the public – on their dimes – isn’t an asset to any community. It’s a liability. And a fraud. In this instance, a massive one.

The purpose of denying Florida’s exonerees reasonable damages – made clear by WFSU News’ William Dillon “for instance”-  is to prevent the public from becoming aware of decades of serial misconduct by officers, prosecutors, judges, and other state and federal employees … it’s  election engineering designed to help keep the corrupt in power, at every level of government.

Today – February 16 – is the last day to register to vote in Florida. Our primaries are party specific. If you wish to join the effort to have corrupt public servants shaking in their shoes, please register as a Democrat, because the bulk of Florida’s corruption has GOP stamped all over it.

Universities that lie about the content of legislation will lie about anything, and call it higher education. We can’t let it continue.







About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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