.@POTUS: Direct @TheJusticeDept to take over @FL_Corrections

An M.E. casts doubt on Rainey’s ‘accidental’ death

In his 40 years overseeing inmate death cases in New York’s prisons, Dr. Michael Baden says he has rarely seen a case as outrageous as Darren Rainey’s.

While it’s of some comfort that Dr. Baden finds the ruling of accidental death in Darren Rainey’s case outrageous, I don’t want to read any more comments about Darren’s horrific scalding homicide or the make-believe investigation that’s supposedly been ongoing since June of 2012. The preliminary autopsy report is out there on on the Internet (and provided below), and it reads as though written by a gossipy fourth grader.
The preliminary autopsy report bears two dates. The one in 2012 is appropriate; the one in 2014 is not. Absent is what “primary photographer” Cynthia Colt saw through her lens. Absent is Darren’s body actual temperature, substituted with the unacceptable description that his body was “very warm.” Absent is an agonizingly thorough description of Darren’s physical condition, substituted with the simpleton, non-medical observation that “visible trauma was noticed throughout the decedent’s body.” Absent is the date that Darren’s body was released to Cremations America LLC.
Present is M.E. Emma O. Lew’s elaborations on Darren’s former abuse of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs – although all three are common to schizophrenics – and the information that Rainey’s daughter was illegitimate, although Hollywood is full of “stars” whose children are illegitimate. Present, too, is unverifiable hyperbole about the events at Dade Correctional Institution that led to Darren’s death.
That Darren was allergic to Thorazine was extraneous; what psychotropic drugs Darren wasn’t allergic that Corizon had prescribed was not. They apparently weren’t in Darren’s system, and could have precipitated the alleged incident of getting feces on himself and surfaces in his cell. Lew’s assertion that Darren was “non-compliant with his psychotropic medications” is not verifiable, even if it was contained in Darren’s medical records … it’s common knowledge to those familiar with Florida’s ridiculously deadly lockups that a good number of corrections personnel feel that making sure that inmates receive their prescribed drugs is entirely optional, even if exercising the option not to provide prescribed drugs results in deadly asthma attacks, seizures, diabetic comas, psychiatric melt-downs, heart failure, renal failure … you name it. It’s also common knowledge that many Corizon employees aren’t particularly concerned about those they’re paid to provide medical care to … “Caged Crusader” Harold Hempstead asserts that the shower where Darren Rainey died had previously been used to torture other inmates, which no one from Corizon reported.
Los Angeles County had its jails taken over by the Department of Justice, and we Floridians deserve the same protections as Californians. President Barack Obama must either ensure that U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch takes over our prisons (yet again), or tenders her resignation. Florida lockups were already in unchecked free-fall when Darren Rainey was killed in 2012, and patterns of on-the-job behavior in the same Dade Correctional Institution unit drove Richard Mair to suicide in 2013. The suspicious deaths at Dade CI spiked in 2015, and unless President Obama acts rapidly, there’s no reason to hope that 2016 will be any less deadly … in any Florida lockup.








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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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3 Responses to .@POTUS: Direct @TheJusticeDept to take over @FL_Corrections

  1. Su Leslie says:

    This is both terrifying and unbearably sad to read.

    • The decades of deadly corruption that the US Department of Justice has let Florida get away with is the craziest governmental “tradition” I’ve ever come across, Su … I can’t keep up with all the stories there are to tell.

  2. helpmybrotherharoldhempstead says:

    Reblogged this on Helpmybrotherharoldhempstead's Blog and commented:
    Without accountability there will be no justice or change.

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