“Mixed reviews” of @FL_Corrections’ secretary? Hardly.

Amid Some Mixed Reviews, Second Senate Panel Quickly Confirms Prison Chief Jones

In the last few seconds of the committee, one correctional officer tried to address lawmakers about what she called the “ticking time bombs” within the department. But, there was no time.

So, with the backing of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association as well as the Florida Smart Justice Alliance, all five members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee voted to confirm her.

According to Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker)—the panel’s chair—Jones’ ultimate confirmation hearing will be in the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee. And, he agreed to speak one-on-one with the correctional officer, after the meeting to hear her concerns.

via http://news.wfsu.org/post/amid-some-mixed-reviews-second-senate-panel-quickly-confirms-prison-chief-jones


Despite WFSU’s feigned bewilderment, Governor Rick Scott’s appointing Julie Jones as interim secretary of Florida corrections was another of his declarations of ongoing devotion to corrupt cronyism, per the unresolved controversies surrounding Jones’ previous state employ, i.e. “Facebook for Cops.” Those paying serious attention to Jones’ interim leadership of Florida corrections additionally knows this much about the statements quoted above:

  1. The confirmation of Julie Jones to head Florida corrections will perpetuate her “happy talk” press releases that help maintain an astonishing number of cover-ups of violent deaths and deaths by medical negligence, simultaneously (which aren’t abating in number).
  2. The corrections officer who wasn’t allowed to address any “ticking time bombs” before the senate can expect to be ostracized, demoted, threatened, etc. … very, very soon. And she can’t expect any help from anyone, even her union.
  3. The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association is the core of Florida’s congealed corruption, jam-packed with jackals like Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Phil Archer, Bruce Colton, Jeff Ashton, R. J. Larizza, etc.
  4. The President and CEO of the Florida Smart Justice Alliance sits on the board of the Innocence Project of Florida, an organization that is far, far better at looking good than doing good, evidenced not only by the continued confinement of Gary Bennett and others, but by the conflicted board chairmanship by former FBI agent Robert Cromwell and conflicted board membership of former American Bar Association Presient Talbot “Sandy” D’Almerberte. The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Associations could not stay continuously corrupt – decade after decade – without the protection of the FBI (who want “scent evidence” victims like Gary Bennett to remain framed) and the American Bar Association (likewise).
  5. Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker) may well listen to the senate-silenced corrections officer about her “ticking time bombs” concerns. He may even reiterate her concerns on the senate floor or in the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee (on which “my” sold-out senator, Joe Negron, sits). But – when push comes to shove – Evers won’t remember much, or do much. Ask Darren Rainey’s family how much Evers has aided them in achieving justice for Darren’s June 23, 2012 scalding death by Dade Correctional Institution officers, which is belatedly being ruled accidental THIS YEAR Just wait until y’all see the prosy, preliminary medical examiners report. (Yes, I do have a copy. These things have a habit of getting round, despite the worst efforts of the likes of Katherine Fernandez Rundle.)

It is the relentless persistence of “Caged Crusader” Harold Hempstead alone that keeps hope alive for the families of inmates like Darren Rainey who died too young, under cruel and unusual circumstances, and for inmates who are struggling to survive while being denied food and/or adequate medical care. Harold got Darren Rainey’s hideous scalding death into the news, and put so much detailed information in the Department of Justice’s hands that it’s crystal clear that Florida’s deadly prisons are as okay with Loretta Lynch as they were with Eric Holder. Relief and redress are for other states, like California … Los Angeles County jails were taken over by the Justice Department last year, while the toll of dead Florida inmates rose and rose.

Harold was not shy about sharing his communications to the DoJ. I have copies, so do a number of civil rights groups, so do a number of journalists. I’ve published one; I have no knowledge of anyone else publishing any of them.

For maliciously made up reasons, Harold was sentenced to more time than Bernie Madoff, and could be spending all his time fighting for his freedom, ignoring the plight of those like Darren Rainey. Similarly, I could use all the information I’ve gleaned about Brevard County’s corrupt public servants to extricate only myself from its darkness, rather than try to free its many incarcerated innocents, like Gary Bennett, Jeff Abramowsi, Crosley ‘Papa’ Green, etc.

Bernie Madoff, serving 150 years, justly

Offender Picture

Harold Hempstead, serving 165 years, unjustly









Few people have the time – or the stomach – for fighting like Harold and I do. (Thank goodness his sister supports and encourages both of us!) But nearly everyone has a spare minute to sign a petition. Please sign the one below. Thank you.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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