So, Another Inmate Died at Charlotte Correctional Institute

At the rate that Florida inmates are dying under suspicious circumstances, it won’t be long before every Floridian knows of someone whose death personally affects their ability to secure justice for themselves … like Richard Mair‘s suicide at Dade Correctional Institution affects mine, while simultaneously keeping innocent Jeff Abramowski incarcerated. Under similarly dire circumstances, the Department of Justice once took control of Florida prisons, and under similarly dire circumstances, the Department of Justice took over Los Angeles County jails last year.

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reginald davis.jpg Reginald Davis

While it hasn’t made a lot of local news, there has been a rash of inmate deaths, many from non-natural causes. This past week, Reginald Davis passed away, authorities indicate he killed himself. This might not be noteworthy, except for the string of deaths at Charlotte Correctional Institute, just south of Punta Gorda. As of August, 2015, there were five inmate death investigations ongoing. That represents at least the seventh criminal investigation at CCI in recent years. One that did end in prosecution was the brutal beating and eye-gouging of an inmate that resulted in a federal conviction for a guard, William Wilson, a few years ago. Sadly, that incident made national news, not for the crime, but because the whistle-blower guard who reported it was framed and then fired after he testified for the government after the attack. He sued, and reached a settlement for $135,000.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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6 Responses to So, Another Inmate Died at Charlotte Correctional Institute

  1. Su Leslie says:

    And so the thin veneer of ‘civilised society’ cracks even more. Tragic.

    • Thanks for commenting, Su. Thank you for the photographic magic of your blog that gives me welcome breaks from corpses and corruption, and reminds me that there’s always tomorrow to continue to fight, as it’s often already tomorrow where you are.

      • Su Leslie says:

        Thank you Susan. I’d like to say tomorrow is looking better, but as my home city is about to host the signing of TPPA, I’m not feeling particularly optimistic.

      • I share that discouragement, Su, although I’ve no doubt that ordinary people will turn things ’round again.

        I’ve signed countless petitions against the TPP, and damned it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

        Of course, there were would be no full out, last-ditch, multinational battle to #StopTPP if each westernized nation – like the U.S. and New Zealand – actually provided and protected the “representative government” each so monotonously and dishonestly lays claim to, so easily disproved by the volume of anti-TPP correspondence each “representative” has received.

        Here’s the link to yet another petition I signed today:

      • Su Leslie says:

        Totally agree. I’ve done much the same, marched, shared, posted, signed, talked to friends. There are times when I feel like turning my back on everything and going off-grid. But I have a son, so refusing to fight for his future is not really an option. Cheers, Su

      • I have a daughter, and feel the same way, Su. It mystifies me that so many “leaders” are willing to sacrifice their own children – along with ours – for money.

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