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Darren Rainey – “accidental” death by shower on June 23, 2012 at Dade Correctional Institution

Inmate locked in scalding shower died ‘by accident’, medical examiner says

Howard Simon, executive director of the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), said it “defies belief” that Rainey, who was serving a two-year sentence for cocaine possession, and who had been locked in the shower after he defecated in his cell, died by accident.

“To accept the medical examiner’s conclusion you have to believe that he accidentally locked himself in a shower, then turned up the water temperature to 180 degrees, accidentally boiled himself to death and all the while he was screaming for help,” he told the Guardian.

via http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/26/miami-dade-prisoner-shower-death-ruled-accident-darren-rainey


Offender Picture

Darrell Whitfield – “accidental” death by locker on July 19, 2012 at Dade Correctional Institution

Less than a month after Darren Rainey accidentally scalded himself to death at Dade Correctional Institution, 55-year-old Darrel Whitfield died at Dade via some accidental- yet-confidential issue with a locker, per the ridiculously redacted report below.

Inanimate objects seem to be quite the problem at Dade.

Few of the deaths at Dade since Darren Rainey’s have been explained coherently or ethically, if at all (see concluding document) … a startling number of deaths remain under investigation, and some – like Richard Mair’s suicide – were flat out cover-ups of the intolerable and relentless guard-on-inmate abuses Mair described so well in a grievance report and his suicide note.

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s complete contentment with the mounting number of dead inmates is – of course – little different from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s knowingly allowing the residents of Flint, primarily black and poor, to be poisoned with lead-laden tap water.

The mainstream media in Florida isn’t taking a hard look at any of Rick Scott’s malevolent behaviors, any more than the mainstream media in Michigan is taking a hard look at Rick Snyder’s. That’s why I’m grateful that the article I quoted above is from The Guardian, a UK-based newspaper.

The Guardian has also recently reported on Rick Snyder. They pointed out that he, too, is relying on redaction:

“The Flint water crisis is an extraordinary circumstance and therefore I’m taking this unprecedented step of releasing my emails to ensure that the people of Michigan know the truth,” Snyder wrote.

But that pledge didn’t translate smoothly into the first document of the 274-page tranche released Wednesday: A three-page email that was entirely blacked out.

It is my hope that newspapers and broadcasters worldwide zero in on both Rick Scott and Rick Snyder, whose individual abuses of power are by no means limited to prison homicides and water pipes. It’s time for international shout-outs for UN intervention, forcing President Obama to order the FBI and Department of Justice to immediately and diligently investigate both men for acting under Color of Law.

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