@WESH joins @OrlandoSentinel, #LoveFL conspiracy to snuff Tommy Zeigler

40th anniversary of murders that sent Winter Garden man to death row

Tommy Zeigler convicted of murdering wife, three others


“I was sentenced to death, and I fully expect that to be carried out, unless we can get this evidence into court and approved,” Zeigler said.

Zeigler has been granted a hearing, likely in February, to argue for re-testing of DNA on some of his and the victims’ clothing, believing modern science will prove he’s not the killer. It’s something that state attorney Jeff Ashton aims to fight.

“This is never going to end. If Mr. Zeigler got every DNA test he asked for, he’d find something else to ask for,” Ashton said.

via http://www.wesh.com/news/40th-anniversary-of-murders-that-sent-winter-garden-man-to-death-row/37125202


Our justice system remain rigged by and for attorneys, and I will devote renewed effort in 2016 to financially ruining the American Bar Association, the biggest, baddest, bloodiest mob that ever existed. I can tell that the petition I authored to achieve that end is bothersome to the small number of people whose attention it garnered; I’ve never seen so many bogus signatures on a petition (I’ve signed hundreds of petitions since the 70’s, maybe even thousands).

I’ve gone into great depth about William ‘Tommy” Ziegler’s innocence, but not as great a depth as three authors … Phillip Finch (Fatal Flaw: A True Story of Malice and Murder in a Small Southern Town), Leah McEachern (The Appearance of Justice), and Alice de Sturler (Zeigler, through Vidster’s Eyes).

My media credentials consists of ad copy, published letters to the editor, and blogs (this is my second), and are no match on the subject of Tommy’s innocence for former Orlando Sentinel’s reporter Charlie Reese or former Editor in Chief David Burgin. And – as regards Tommy’s frame-up – both of my blogs pale in comparison to Ray McEachern’s Free Tommy Z blog.

I am a former skip tracer, but I’m no detective, unlike Lynn-Marie Carty.

I’ve avoided television appearances: ABC’s Rich Fisher had to do his 1970’s Flint, Michigan broadcast about corrupt judicial interference in my daughter’s adoption sans my sobbing on camera; I saved all my sobbing for rides home from the courthouse, and Linda’s naps. Tommy – after all his decades on death row – is calm and collected enough for extensive television interviews, not just WESH’s pretense at an interview.

A Question Of Innocence [HD]

Published on Feb 20, 2015

The Winter Garden furniture-store owner on death row for the Christmas Eve 1975 murders of his wife and three others is the subject of a new television documentary airing this week, which aims to make the case he never received a fair trial.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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