.@POTUS: Are @FBI and #LoveFL’s Brevard Co hiding each others skeletons?

Glen Aaron: Observer Book 2 Trailer

Published on Feb 13, 2015

Glen Aaron previews “Observer: The George Trofimoff story, the tale of America’s highest-ranking military officer convicted of spying,” book 2 in the prison trilogy.


A Perfect Spy: Convicted of Passing Secrets To The Soviets, Retired Army Officer Maintains HIs Innocence

In 1994, Trofimoff and his brother were arrested by the Germans, an arrest based solely on the sketchy description in Mitrokhin’s KGB archive. The brothers were released immediately. A judge said there was no evidence that they were the men described in the files.

Cleared, Trofimoff left Germany to retire in Melbourne, Fla., where he bought a house on Patriot Drive and settled into a quiet retirement. [emphasis added]

Then on July 10, 1997, he received a hand-delivered letter from “friends” in the Russian embassy. One of them, Igor Galkin, wrote and phoned from the embassy repeatedly seeking a meeting and offering him money.

via http://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-perfect-spy/


Melbourne is in Brevard County, Florida, where blabbermouth Bad Guy With a Gun Sheriff Wayne Ivey is inching his bulky body out on a limb that’s about to break. When I spoke with Ivey years ago, he glibly lied and said that all of Brevard’s frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler John Preston were resolved. If true, that would have made Gary Bennett a figment of my imagination. He’s clearly not: at least on paper, he’s being represented – just like Brevard/Preston exonerees Wilton Dedge and William Dillon before him – by the Innocence Project of Florida.

William was set free in November of 2008. In January of 2009, IPoF Director Seth Miller lied to me about his organization conducting an investigation of EVERY OTHER instance of  John Preston testifying in the state, which Miller said required my temporary silence about Brevard/Preston frame-ups. The IPoF is apparently playing footsie with the FBI. Gary’s frame-up should have been the easiest to bust: Preston had been federally discredited in 1982, which resulted in Dale Sutton’s release from custody in January of 1983. Brevard prosecutors put Preston on the stand against Gary in January of 1984, knowing about Sutton.

This seems a blatant case of feds and Brevard County cooperating to keep each other’s skeletons buried. Each has truckloads of ’em.

The FBI used many now-DNA discredited dog handlers, and is  pretending – still – that unique human scent is a real thing. The Department of Justice is playing along, doling out money in grants to the likes of FIU’s Kenneth Furton in an attempt to legitimize what can only be legitimized when human’s go entirely scent-free … an impossibility. That said, “scent evidence” is likely the least of the FBI’s faux forensics woes; the agency has admitted that their proprietary Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis is junk science, and admitted that their promiscuous hair and fiber analysis is junk science, promiscuous in that it was taught to techs for decades – nationwide – and therefore clouds tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of convictions.

The FBI used John Preston in Orange County, which borders Brevard County, where Preston was used from 60 to 100 times, depending on what Florida Today or the Orlando Sentinel feel like admitting to on any given day. Jeb Bush executed schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson in 2002, despite his mental illness, despite Preston being federally discredited in Dale Sutton’s case in 1982 and re-discredited by Brevard Judge Gilbert Goshorn’s skill testing of Preston in Juan Ramos 1987 retrial, despite the jailhouse informant recanting, despite Preston’s “trainer” Thomas McGinn being found to have falsified records and more in regards to K-9’s while working in law enforcement in south Florida.

As in Bottoson’s case, coached jailhouse informants were used in every Florida Preston frame-up I’m aware of. In Brevard, Clarence Zacke was admittedly coached to lie about Gerald Stano (executed by Lawton Chiles, 1998) and Wilton Dedge; he named prosecutors Chris White and John Dean Moxley as his coaches. In Brevard, career criminal Roger Dale Chapman testified against William Dillon – that he retracted his apology when he needed additional prosecutorial favors was no surprise, nor was his early release from the Florida Department of Corrections that made him available to make the public apology to begin with, a release without supervision that violated the terms of his previous release from prison. In Brevard, James Gilmore testified against Juan Ramos. In Brevard, Kenneth Plemmons and Michael Turner testified against Gary Bennett. In Brevard – in a non-Preston case – Richard Mair and another man refused to testify falsely against Jeff Abramowski, forcing prosecutors to find others coached informants to make the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lies about the DNA test results more credible. Richard Mair is dead, and that doesn’t surprise me, either; I don’t think it was an accident to send him to the very same mental health unit at Dade Correctional Institution where Darren Rainey had been murdered by officers the year before. Richard took his own life, and the “investigation” of his grievance and suicide note couldn’t possibly be more suspect.

Reciprocal skeleton-burying between feds and Florida public servants likely explains why the Department of Justice refuses to resume control of Florida’s deadly prisons, even though it took over L.A. County jails.

Florida US Representative Patrick Murphy is on the House Intelligence committee and Florida US Senator Marco Rubio is on the Senate Intelligence committee: they serve in the spirit of former Florida Governor/US Senator Bob Graham ten years in Intelligence oversight … sans any “by the people, for the people” considerations. Graham had pretended to investigate Preston while serving as Florida’s governor, and kept up the pretense that Preston was legitimate despite the death warrants for Gerald Stano and Linroy Bottoson. Graham’s confidence in doing as he pleased is understandable, given his family’s ownership of the Washington Post companies.

But Graham’s deceptions were nothing new: US Intelligence hasn’t been intelligent or ethical since the Dulles brothers days under Eisenhower.

Many feds retired to the very same neighborhood that George Trofimoff retired to. They endorsed Wayne Ivey, and Jack Parker before him.

I’m fairly certain that George Trofimoff is The Missing Link I’ve been searching for for more than a decade … the execrable explanation of why feds help corrupt police, prosecutors and judges bury their misconduct, nationwide. If true, it’s Game Over. President Obama must demand a legislated end to civil immunities, and personally see to it that James Comey and his predecessors are promptly investigated and prosecuted, along with every last “public servant” who participated in a frame-up, a cover-up, or peripheral corruption.

The sickest thing about the Trofimoff tale is that his unintelligent former Intelligence neighbors likely just couldn’t stand a straight arrow in their midst.


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