Denouncing @FL_Corrections’ @FDCJulieJone’s denouncement of @MiamiHerald

Department of Corrections criticizes Miami Herald series on Lowell

“Although the Herald did initially provide a list of interview topics, when the department requested that the Herald work together with our agency by providing questions in writing so that we could be responsive to their request, the paper refused.”


The Miami Herald likely refused to provide Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones with questions in writing in advance because doing otherwise would be an exercise in self-fettering, one that flouts its fiduciary obligations to subscribers, advertisers and investors. I am a subscriber.

Doing otherwise would also exhibit a corrupt willingness on the Miami Herald’s part to pretend that Julie Jones’ history of “service” while heading the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles isn’t muddied by unanswered questions concerning extrajudicial, baseless surveillance of private citizens by public employees using the states D.A.V.I.D system (a/k/a Facebook for Cops) and technologies like Stingray. I was “looked at” via D.A.V.I.D by at least four separate entities, including the Miami FBI.

Doing otherwise would signify a sudden and wholly improper willingness on the Miami Herald‘s part to overlook every violent death, every medical negligence death, every abuse of rights that it has documented since it began taking a hard look at prison conditions that were brought to its attention by “Caged Crusasder” Harold Hempstead in regards to mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey’s June, 2012 heinous scalding death at the hands of Dade Correctional Institution officers. Julie Jones has had nearly a year to bring closure to Darren Rainey’s family and many others, and hasn’t done it. I needed a proper investigation of Richard Mair’s suicide in the exact same unit in 2013, because it’s possible that the taunting and violence Mair endured in Dade County was related to Brevard County corruption, which Mair was as buried under as I am.

Doing otherwise would signify a naivete on the Miami Herald‘s part that could make it look foolish (as foolish as Charlie Brown continually falling for Lucy’s promise to hold the football). Per my inbox (and likely various Miami Herald inboxes), Julie Jones doesn’t answer questions put in writing.

Neither does her boss. Buried in this Intercept article about Florida’s New Jim Crow is this sentence:

Gov. Scott’s office did not respond to a list of emailed questions.

Rick Scott didn’t appoint Julie Jones to the Florida Department of Corrections for her managerial expertise; he appointed Jones for her D.A.V.I.D/Facebook for Cops and Stingray proven willingness to bury public corruption.

Jones denouncement of the Miami Herald is just another of her ruses, one that will – if successful – thwart my reasonable expectation of being provided news via subscription to a newspaper, enable state and federal entities to continue to keep extrajudicial eyes on me, and prevent me from getting out from under corrupt Brevard public servants, past and present, including Bad-Guy-With-a-Gun Sheriff Wayne Ivey. It will – of course – cause far greater harm to the incarcerated, which is why I write far more about inmates than I do about myself.

Some newspapers and broadcasters may race to support Secretary Jones unreasonable demand of the Miami Herald, and that would be absolutely magnificent. They’d permanently mark themselves as frauds on the public … not worth a dime, not worth your time.

“Caged Crusader” Harold Hempstead (a/k/a “MiamiHarold) and murdered by scalding shower mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Denouncing @FL_Corrections’ @FDCJulieJone’s denouncement of @MiamiHerald

  1. David Faugherty says:

    Yes so what does it take. If you go to CHANGE.ORG you will find a petition I started a year ago. I ask the DOJ to take over the operation of the prison ad the State and the PRISON CONTRACTOR are unwilling or unable to address the issues of corruption there. Now that Greedy Rick Scott is a Senator and friend of Trump I think we need to apply political pressure thru Trump to hold Scott accountable for his lack of concerns.


    • Thank you for commenting, and for caring, David. If I found the right petition, you primarily addressed problems at Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution, which is notorious for its heinous and sometimes deadly mistreatment of women. As Trump is aware of New York lockup that half-froze inmates to death, and how detained asylum seekers are being treated inhumanely, I don’t hold out much hope of him doing anything about how difficult it is to survive being in custody anywhere in America. It is the Department of Justice’s job to see to it that inmates’ rights are upheld, but they refuse to uphold even the rights of people who are in federal lockups. I think perhaps we should press international rights organizations to take on the problem … they’ve no problem addressing how brutal prisons are in other nations, it’s time for them to stop overlooking ours.


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