.@FBI: Investigate Wayne Ivey. And your #LoveFL personnel.

Blabbermouth bad apple Brevard County, Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey never stops blowing his own horn, or giving bad advice. He usually does it via the Space Coast Daily, in columns that he authors himself. Typically, Ivey’s appended Curriculum Vitae is longer than his columns.

That CV brags of his Florida Department of Law Enforcement “service,” although he protected other bad apple Brevard public servants ahead of the public, participating in conviction corruption. Per capita, it’s likely that Brevard County leads the nation in frame-ups and cover-ups.

The CV also brags of Ivey’s FBI ties, and why wouldn’t it? For decades – if not throughout its existence – the FBI ignores its obligation to investigate public servants’ Color of Law behaviors, including behaviors that affect trial outcomes. The FBI gets away with cherry-picking what to put on its to-do list under the blind-as-a-bat “oversight” of the likes of Florida U.S. Representative Patrick Murphy and Florida U.S. Senator Marco “no show” Rubio, in the tradition of former Florida legislator/Governor/U.S. Senator Bob Graham, of the Slate publishing Graham family (who retain ties to Washington Post, which they used to publish). All heaven will break lose (not all hell) when the FBI is finally forced to admit the full extent of their faux foresnics … although likely affecting the outcome of hundreds of cases, “scent evidence” (incredible even before the Wise Men brought frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child) is just about the least of their worries. The FBI taught their junk science hair and fiber analysis to techs nationwide, and it’s been in use for decades – we’re talking tens and tens of thousands of clouded – if not outright false – convictions.

But back to Brevard County, where boatloads of our Military Industrial Complex and Surveillance State tax dollars land, in addition to our Space Exploration tax dollars. They don’t “trickle down” very well at all, and that’s okay with Florida and federal public servants, by and large.

Brevard is also where a lot of retired feds land, many of whom endorsed Wayne Ivey for sheriff. They’re apparently content with knowing that not only is the sheriff’s office corrupt, so is the state attorney’s office and the judiciary, as well as every authority responsible for oversight, up to and including the FBI.

The captions on the two pictures below explain quite a bit, so please do read them before clicking on Fox’s coverage of Ivey’s preposterous YouTube video … Wayne Ivey himself is a bad guy with a gun, so why he wants good guys to arm themselves against bad guys with guns is more than a little confusing. Please watch enough of the other videos posted below Fox/Ivey to get the gist of how lawless Brevard is, recalling all the while that the FBI and Congressional oversight is entirely comfortable with it. Thank you.

Offender Picture

The anniversary of schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson’s 2002 execution is tomorrow, December 9th. Linroy was prosecuted in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, with FBI participation. Charlatan dog handler John Preston and a jailhouse informant had testified against Linroy. A legitimate dog handler had testified for Linroy, and was ignored (Preston was federally discredited in 1982, resulting in Dale Sutton’s release from custody in January of 1983). The jailhouse informant recanted. Linroy’s schizophrenia, Preston’s perjuries, the informant’s recantation didn’t mean a thing to Jeb Bush.

Offender Picture

Gary Bennett was framed using John Preston in January of 1984 in Brevard County, more than a year after Preston had been discredited. Two jailhouse informants were used against Gary, neither of which has since had the guts to come forward (Michael Turner and Kenneth Plemmons). Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon have gotten out from under their Brevard/Preston frame-ups via Preston flunking a skills test (Ramos) and DNA (Dedge and Dillon). Despite the 9th circuit’s deadly use of Preston, the prosecution of Gary’s case was transferred there, and it’s okay by Rick Scott.





































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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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