Unhappy holidays of #LoveFL’s incarcerated innocents

The Terrible Moral of the Stanford Prison Experiment: Power Corrupts — Even When It’s Only Pretend

The experiment had to be stopped in just six days. The subjects of the experiment, all mentally and physically healthy students, were perfectly aware they were in an experiment. Yet, the “prisoners” became unstable, developed acute anxiety, or sank into deep despair.

And what happened to the “guards” is even more astounding. They became brutal and abusive — for real — as if something evil inside them came alive.

This was the Stanford Prison Experiment, and it was designed by Philip Zimbardo, PhD. It is no wonder he named his book on the experiment, “The Lucifer Effect.”

via http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/12/03/the-terrible-moral-of-the-stanford-prison-experiment-power-corrupts-even-when-its-only-pretend/

Most U.S. governors seem to believe that corrections officers who are immune to the Lucifer Effect are a dime a dozen.

They’re actually so very rare – and so very crucial to making corrections facilities serve any legitimate function at all – that they should be at the top of the law enforcement pay scale.

But they’re not.

In Florida, even working your way up to management in corrections will not let you bring home the higher starting wage of a Fish and Wildlife officer, who routinely deals with  poachers, not serial killers.

Until we have ethical oversight of Intelligence agencies in both the U.S. House and Senate, absolutely everyone should be concerned about incarcerated innocents dying at the hand of violent corrections officers, because the FBI has been a wholehearted participant in conviction corruption for decades. It is possible that 20% or more of those behind bars are only there because of public corruption.

Here are Floridians gentlemen who should be home for the holidays, and would be if Congressional Intelligence oversight of the FBI was legitimate:

Crosley Green
Jeff Abramowski
Leo Schofield
Tommy Zeigler
Gary Bennett
John Dobbs
David Wells
Kris Maharj

Here are some Florida public servants who should be on house arrest for every holiday for the rest of their lives, and would be if Congressional Intelligence oversight of the FBI was legitimate:

John Dean Moxley
Jeff Ashton
Norm Wolfinger
Lawson Lamar
Jack Parker
Wayne Ivey
Chris White
Phil Archer
Bruce Colton
Rick Scott

I pray for holiday silent nights, holy nights not only for incarcerated innocents, but all inmates. Peace on Earth requires the absence of the Lucifer Effect, for which we should be willing to pay more than a pittance. Plenty of money is available, all we need do is cancel the pensions of those who participated in frame-ups and/or cover-ups.

Offender Picture

Crosley ‘Papa’ Green did not match the initial eye-witness description. His case is “To Kill a Mockingbird,” revisited and revised.

Offender Picture

Jeffrey Abramowski’s DNA was not a match to crime scene DNA, contrary to the testimony of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement expert.




Offender Picture

The fingerprint of a convicted killer was found in Leo Schofield’s murdered wife’s car. It does matter, no matter how many “public servants” say it doesn’t.

Offender Picture

Tommy Zeigler’s jury sentenced him to life, based on perjured testimony. The judge overrode the jury and imposed a death sentence. Tommy’s case is now connected to Gary Bennett’s via replication of the homosexuality slander previously leveled at Tommy.

Offender Picture

Gary Bennett was one of hundreds nationwide convicted on the perjured testimony of charlatan dog handler John Preston. Unlike others, he was convicted after Preston had been federally discredited. The FBI used Preston and other DNA-discredited dog handlers; they want the framed to just die, already.







Offender Picture

John Dobbs fended off four (or more) assailants at his vehicle to protect his life and his girlfriend’s. That one assailant died is unfortunate, but clearly not John’s intent: he would have used the gun that one of them dropped if he had killing in mind.















Offender Picture

David Wells didn’t match the eyewitness description, and an officer admitted pulling him over for Driving While Black. The robber’s clothes and shoes didn’t fit, but the jury didn’t acquit … they wrongly assume that police and prosecutors only go after the actual perpetrators.







Offender Picture

Kris Maharaj’s ongoing prosecution/persecution is likely fully explained by South Florida’s ongoing involvement with drug dealers and cartels.















Offender Picture

Monte Adams’ prints weren’t a match to crime scene prints, so the prints were not “run.” Johnny Galvin was in possession of property stolen from the crime scene; Johnny exhibited unusual spending after the crime. Johnny was the chief witness against Monte. The prints may well be Johnny’s.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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