.@Pitbull: show us your #LoveFL contract, already


Florida’s ridiculously redacted contract with rapper Pitbull

I don’t buy into the culture of celebrity that the mainstream media shoves down our throats continually. Pitbull is just a person, different from but no better than any other person; we are all unique, it is why none of us are special.

I asked – via Twitter – for Pitbull’s copy of the contract, and he should have obliged. Scott’s flitting about to be seen with Pitbull is on my dimes is yet more corrupt taxation without representation.

My battle against Florida’s public corruption began over 14 years ago with one Brevard County police department. The battle soon encompassed a second police department, the sheriff’s office, more than one state attorneys office, more than one judge, the attorney generals office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the governors office, the FBI and the Department of Justice.

This is not unusual. This is typical. This is Florida.

It’s why I rapidly found so many people that were dealt with even more corruptly by the exact same “public servants;” including people who were framed and warehoused in Florida’s deadly prisons … Wilton Dedge, William Dillon, Crosley Green, Jeff Abramowski, Gary Bennett and many others. Since I began the battle, only Wilton and William have been freed, likely with no thanks to my emails and faxes.

There’s a budgetary reason why Florida prisons are deadly. The same holds true for our mental health facilities. And so much more. It all goes back to taxation without representation. We pay, and the likes of Rick Scott play.

Scott’s crony capitalism has overshadowed that of Jeb Bush ( to whom Scott has a Koch connection, not just a GOP connection), so much so that the Department of Justice must step in. Floridians are dying as a direct result of how Rick Scott runs the Sunshine State … their tax dollars amount to taking out a hit on themselves.

Pittbull should give back the keys to the city of Miami. … if he gave a damn even one Floridian, he sure the hell wouldn’t be a Scott supporter. If Pitbull took money from us to flit around to attempt to make Scott look good while being evil, Loretta Lynch ought make him give it back … sooner rather than later.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: December 1, 2015 12:32:45 PM EST
To: Scott Open Government <scottopengov@eog.myflorida.com>
Cc: “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” <negron.joe.web@flsenate.gov>, Larry Lee <Larry.Lee@myfloridahouse.gov>
Subject: Request for disclosure of #LoveFL costs, including contract with Pitbull and any other “stars”

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to request disclosure of the amount of Florida tax dollars that have been misappropriated to fund the #LoveFL advertising campaign to draw tourists here, with the misappropriation made self-evident by pay remaining ludicrously low for some Florida public servants, i.e.; corrections officers, mental health workers. I am not requesting documents, because I have seen the ridiculously redacted documents that were furnished in regards to an open records request concerning a state contract with rapper Pitbull. I am requesting an accounting summary.

Corporate interests – Disney, Universal, etc. – should purchase their own advertisements to bring tourists to Florida; courtesy of our low minimum wage, these corporations have coffers that are overflowing. That low minimum wage is a corporate subsidy … so is the #LoveFL campaign. Florida’s government is notorious for putting corporations ahead of constituents: it’s why agricultural slavery continues; it’s why large-scale polluters like the Koch brothers get a free pass to wreck natural wonders like the St Johns River; it’s why a simple thing like bringing just one form of medical marijuana to market – a mission unaccomplished, still – has likely cost Floridians more than any two states combined budgets for bringing every form of medical marijuana to market in a timely manner.

The Scott administration has been in full-out reverse Robin Hood mode from day one, and it has cost many Floridians their very lives, Floridans like Anthony Barsotti, Charlene Dill and Darren Rainey. It’s time for the bloody plundering to stop. Please forward a full accounting of the total tab we’ve picked up for #LoveFL before the close of business on Friday, December 4th. Thank you.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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