#DavontaeSanford’s 23rd birthday

Davontae Sanford is guilty of having a wild imagination and a desire to please police officers by telling them anything they want to hear. Period.

Davontae didn’t commit a quadruple homicide on Detroit’s Runyon Street at age 14.

He couldn’t.

Davontae is blind in one eye, and developmentally delayed, capable – at the time – of third grade work on his best day. His coerced confession is rubbish, and so was the the advice to plead guilty by his dastardly, disreputable attorney, who publicly declared a former client – Eddie Joe Lloyd – guilty of rape and homicide. DNA said otherwise.

Vincent Smothers could and did kill people … for a living. He was one of the shooters – admittedly – that Davontae is serving time for; his solid confession led to recovery of one of the guns used in the quadruple hit. Smothers confessed to many other “hits” at the same time he confessed to his role in the Runyon Street homicides. Since 2008, Smothers has shown more honor and dignity in trying to free Davontae than all of Michigan’s public servants, combined.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is not tough, as his Twitter handle proclaims … he’s cowardly. He’s afraid of standing up to Michigan’s corrupt judicial system, and allowing taxpayers pockets to be picked to persecute Davontae … and those taxpayers include Davontae’s family and friends.

Many governors are just as cowardly. It’s time for President Obama – via executive order – to expand presidential pardon powers so that he – and future presidents – can free any innocent individual incarcerated in the United States.

Michigan Department of Corrections

Davontae Sanford






About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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