U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia to Behead and Crucify Man for Protesting Against Repression

United States Hypocrisy

ali-al-nimr Ali Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr

Ali Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr, a Shi’ite Muslim activist, was only a teenager when he was arrested in the Saudi Arabian province of Qatif in 2012 whilst taking part in Arab Spring protests against the Saudi authorities over their repression of non-Sunni religious minorities. For that, he’s been condemned by the Saudi government to execution by way of beheading. In addition to the dismemberment of his head from his body, his lifeless remains will suffer the further indignity of being strung up in the manner of a public crucifixion to serve as a warning to anyone else who dares challenge the regime. According to those most knowledgeable of al-Nimr’s case, his barbaric execution could come at a moment’s notice.

The Saudi authorities are alleging that Ali al-Nimr is guilty of incitement against authorities and sowing the seeds of sectarian strife, which are ridiculous enough charges on their own, but…

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