Duane Clarridge, NYT? Seriously?

Death-Squad Organizer Is NYT’s Source on Ben Carson’s Lack of Foreign Policy Smarts

It’s not a surprise a New York Times Beltway insider like Trip Gabriel would whitewash [Duane] Clarridge’s brutal resume to the point of unrecognizability, but it doesn’t make using a grotesque violator of human rights and a known liar to kneecap Carson any less sleazy. On the issue of policy knowledge, it is more than fair to point out Carson’s shortcomings. But the bigger story here—that a leading candidate’s primary international adviser is a CIA goon with a bloody (or as the Times would put it “colorful”) past—is buried in a story about a routine DC pissing match[emphasis added]

via http://fair.org/home/death-squad-organizer-is-nyts-source-on-ben-carsons-lack-of-foreign-policy-smarts/


It’s always encouraging to see so many of my faster/smarter Facebook friends beat me to the punch in “liking” FAIR‘s posts – tonight was no exception – and in no way discouraging to also see venomous, nonsensical, off-point comments by trolls. When faced with facts, something that newspapers don’t often make zealots deal with, nut jobs get still nuttier, something I know a bit about. WordPress (knock wood) is good at catching trolls and throwing them into a spam folder.

Perhaps the day will come will the New York Times will decide not to make an ass of itself voluntarily, but I doubt it. Federal regulators will likely have to bust up media mega-mergers to make newspapers competitive, after which they’ll have to call each other out on half-truths and outright lies just to survive. It’ll put a legion of not-really-qualified-to-comment-on-anything-at-all people out to pasture, like Clarridge, Cheney, Ollie North, etc. … it may even put a few of them behind bars, where they belong.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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