SEIU decorates their new stall in the Clinton veal pen

The Florida Squeeze

SEIU …in the veal pen.

Last week I mentioned it would be interesting to see if SEIU Florida keeps its pledge to  exclusively endorse and make contributions to candidates who agree to both take the Minimum Wage Challenge in the Fight For $15 campaign, and support $15 an hour minimum wage bills. At issue was the case of Darren Soto running in Congressional District 9. Soto didn’t bother to take the Minimum Wage Challenge, but has co-sponsored the higher wage bill in the Florida Senate.

A few days later at the Democratic Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton announced that she doesn’t support a $15 minimum wage. Instead she’sfighting for $12 an hour — and, today we learned that despite this, the SEIU will be endorsing Clinton for president.

Folks have been supporting the SEIU’s Fight for $15 campaign for a couple of years now by striking and losing their jobs…

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