With @Florida_Today’s help, Wayne Ivey is “riding every ride in this park”

Citizen of the Year: Sheriff Wayne Ivey

By working 15-hour days and barnstorming a barrage of charitable events from Micco to Mims, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey has participated in fundraisers that have generated $3.5 million for various Space Coast causes since he took office.

“I tell everyone: This is like going to Disney World for me. I’ve waited my entire life to get here. I’m riding every ride in this park,” Ivey said during an interview in his Titusville office.

via http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2015/11/07/citizen-year-sheriff-wayne-ivey/74320734/?from=global&sessionKey=&autologin=


Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s schmoozing isn’t protect’n’serve law enforcement, i.e.; solving cold homicide cases to get murderers off the streets.

Per the Brevard County Unsolved Homicide webpage, Bertha R. Parker died in 1992, Ivey’s office says there’s no photo available.

John Hamilton died in 1986; ditto.

Thelma Rhame died in 1982; ditto.

William Boyle died in 1981; ditto.

Thomas Padgett died in 1974; ditto.

The photo provided for Kim Walker, who died in 1985, isn’t clear enough to tell if Kim is a male or a female, and either are the details that the BCSO published, “On January 30, 1985, a human bone was found one mile south of Malabar Road, between US1 and the railroad track. A search of the area revealed additional remains of the victim, later identified as missing person Kim Walker. Any persons providing information in reference to this case may be eligible for a reward up to $5,000.00.”


Kim Walker, Unsolved Brevard County homicide

It’s horrific to have public servants that are paid to care about homicides that just don’t. But it’s worse to have public servants that are paid to care about homicides and stand in the way of them being solved. The fingerprints found at a Cocoa gas station homicide did not match Monte Adams, so the officers found them far too inconvenient to “run.” There were subsequently two Coca gas station homicides that may or may not be related – Eric Nicoletti and Michael Capponi’s. The last I checked, the prints were still available to run. Ivey’s predecessor – Jack Parker – flat refused to run the prints. There’s no sense asking Ivey.

I personally know Wayne Ivey to be one hell of a liar … while he was employed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to oversee Brevard law enforcement, Ivey told me over the phone that all of the cases involving phony dog handler John Preston’s perjuries had been investigated, which would be laughable if the men that remain framed – like Gary Bennett – hadn’t been framed for well over 30 years now, evidencing more of Ivey’s contentment with letting murderers get away with it. Governor Rick Scott is now an active participant in keeping Gary Bennett framed, he did not void Charlie Crist’s executive order that placed Gary’s prosecution in Jeff Ashton’s hand, under the incurable taint of Ashton’s circuit having used John Preston, which resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s wrongful 2002 execution, the second one that I know of in Florida that’s related to using Preston.

Additionally, Ivey’s employment by the FDLE in Brevard would have had him aware of the agency’s corrupt involvement in Jeff Abramowski’s trial, during which an FDLE “expert” testified that two loci of 15 was a direct DNA “hit.” Of course, that is ridiculous; the supposed “unique factor “of D18S51 at the 17.3 loci described by the “expert” is as common among males as a head cold. The actual killers’ DNA were legitimate hits: they had fled the state; they were in possession of the victim’s personal possession. Jeff Abramowski is innocent, and Wayne Ivey – dollars to doughnuts – knows it.

Ivey believes that his former employment with the FDLE and close ties with our corrupt FBI will keep him “riding every ride” when he should be behind bars. But there’s a chance that US AG Loretta Lynch will have to prosecute successive commissioners of the FDLE for years of obstruction in the investigations of abused, neglected and slain inmates, and a chance that FBI Director James Comey will keep running his mouth until President Obama has no choice but to request his resignation, and look into the active role that the FBI has played in keeping frame-ups intact and cold cases unsolved. The FBI’s motive for participating in corruption that they’re mandated to investigate seems to be to cover up their decades of use of discredited forensics that keep tens of thousands of innocents incarcerated … in addition to “scent evidence,” there’s their discredited Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis and hair and fiber analysis, and perhaps more.

Florida Today could have called out Brevard’s corruption decades ago, but its bent on furthering the interests of big Brevard players, like Harris Corporation, one of my former employers. The Space Coast could just as aptly be named the Military Industrial Complex Coast, or the Surveillance State Coast. Helping corrupt people get reelected is Florida Today’s priority, as it is with their affiliates, because corrupt politicians can keep their inappropriate mega-mergers intact, among other evils. This, too, could fall apart – the 2016 elections could make put progressives in office and suddenly make Congressional oversight of federal regulatory agencies a very real deal, resulting in the abrupt undoing of all inappropriate mega-mergers.

Although there’s some cause for hope in the long run, I don’t like leaving people feeling hopeless in short run: those in Brevard who lost a loved one to homicide and bear the burden of knowing how successive sheriffs have mishandled cold cases – with successive governors, FDLE commisssioners, FBI directors and US Attorney Generals permission – might want to reach out to the Defrosting Cold Cases blog. Unlike Wayne Ivey, Alice de Sturler isn’t “riding every ride in this park” in a flurry of meet/greet/eat fundraisers, she’s trying to do as much as she can to put actual killers – not people like Jeff Abramowski, Monte Adams or Gary Bennett – where they belong.

Offender Picture

Jeff Abramowski: Framed with false testimony about DNA by FDLE

Offender Picture

Monte Adams: Crime scene fingerprints weren’t his; weren’t “run”

Offender Picture

Gary Bennett: Framed in 1984 by “scent evidence” expert who’d been federally discredited in 1982

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