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Emergency Situation Declared At Florida Women’s Reception Center

An oversight board has declared a health care emergency at a Florida women’s prison, according to records obtained by WMFE …

Inspectors found:

  • A diabetic prisoner didn’t get insulin for two to three months.
  • An inmate with a golf ball sized lump was denied an MRI in July, and still hasn’t seen a surgeon.
  • An inmate with a history of cervical cancer had an abnormal screening in May, but no follow-up until August – despite having symptoms that the cancer had spread to her brain.
  • Missing and incomplete records for the 1,000 inmates.

via http://news.wgcu.org/post/emergency-situation-declared-florida-women-s-reception-center


Below are the mortality stats that the Florida Department of Corrections posted for Florida Women’s Reception Center. Each of the records can be accessed individually by clicking on the DC number.

If you open each of them, you’ll find that none of the deceased women came anywhere close to achieving the average life expectancy for women in the US.

Not a one, folks.

Nine of the deaths were declared “natural” despite the implausible scenario of 11 out of 11 women dying young at a facility known for medical neglect. If we blink and look away a minute, the other two early deaths will likely be declared “natural,” too.

Debt imprisonment is becoming quite common; you might become an inmate yourself if your fortunes change a bit. Hedge your bets, y’all; share this post. It seems the Department of Justice only cares about residents of Los Angeles County being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment … it took over their jails quite some time ago.

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