Metro Detroit’s @PAKymWorthy notorious for failed prosecution of bad cops, and more

Violent Arrest by Inkster Police Caught on Dashcam

Published on Mar 24, 2015

Report by Detroit’s WDIV



Melendez faces charges of “Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder, Common Law Offenses, and Assault by Strangulation.” The charges, brought by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, carry a total of 25 years in prison. None of the other cops shown in the videos kicking, tasing and taunting Dent were charged.



The likelihood that William Melendez will get away with excessive force and planting drugs – again – is quite high. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is prone to ineffectual prosecutions of violent police officers.

Worthy directs her mightiest efforts towards matters like keeping Davontae Sanford incarcerated for a quadruple homicide that she knows beyond all doubt was committed by Vincent Smothers and another hit man, by Smothers’ admission, verified by the recovery of one the weapons used in the homicide.

Davontae was 14. He misidentified the weapons used in the quadruple hit. He had no gunshot residue on him. His “confession” was extracted without a parent or guardian present, despite his developmental disability.

Davontae was and is half blind, and would likely require training to be able to hit the broad side of a barn with gunfire. A single-handed quadruple hit is ridiculous, as ridiculous as ignoring Smothers when he confessed a year after Davontae was arrested, in 2008.

Two Michigan governors – one Democrat, one Republican – have ignored Davontae’s obvious innocence and Kym Worthy’s obvious malice, so have two Michigan Attorney Generals – one Democrat, one Republican, and so have two FBI directors, three US Attorney Generals, etc., even though Davontae’s case paralleled that of Eddie Joe Lloyd, whose high-profile DNA-exoneration netted attorneys a small fortune.

Thoughts and prayers for Floyd Dent and Davontae Sanford aren’t enough. Please share this post widely, and – if you can – take a moment to contact some of those who are paid to serve, and won’t. Thank you.

Contact via email or webform:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette:
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy:

Twitter addresses:

Rick Snyder: @onetoughnerd
Bill Schuette: @SchuetteOnDuty
Kym Worthy: @PAKymWorthy

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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