“Just Us” in FL’s 18th Judicial Circuit; Seminole and Brevard counties (videos)

VIDEO – Judge berating sentencing domestic violence victim to jail – Judge Jerri Collins – Florida

Published on Oct 6, 2015

From a Seminole County courtroom where an emotional domestic violence victim was sentenced to three days in jail for failing to show up for her abuser’s trial. During her contempt of court hearing in July, the woman told the judge she had been having anxiety for months after she was attacked by the father of her child …

“You think you’re going to have anxiety now? You haven’t even seen anxiety,” Collins told the woman …


Judge Tells Public Defender, “I’ll Beat Your Ass”

Published on Jun 4, 2014

Brevard County, FL – Court deputies had to break up a physical fight between a Brevard County judge and a public defender after an argument during a hearing on Monday.


Victimize-the-victim Judge Jerri Collins and pummel-the-public defender Brevard County John C. Murphy both “serve” in Florida’s 18th judicial circuit.

Reporters should have stressed that fact, and not just because it may have stopped future Brevard and Seminole county courtroom audiences for clapping for judicial overreaches … on a per capita basis, Florida’s 18th judicial circuit is likely America’s frame-up capital.

It takes decades of continual conviction corruption to be in the running for this title, seeing as U.S. law enforcement officers have qualified immunity for deliberate misconduct, and prosecutors and judges have absolute immunity for deliberate misconduct, and – as such – we have a lawless “just us” system instead of an operable justice system, like other industrialized nations enjoy.

In Florida’s 18th in the early 1980’s, scores of individuals were framed using bogus “scent evidence” expert John Preston, and most of those frame-ups remain intact, like Gary Bennett’s. Other intact frame-ups include outright lies or lies of omission: Jeff Abramowsi’s DNA is not a match to crime scene DNA; Monte Adams fingerprints are not a match to crime scene fingerprints; Crosley Green resembles the initial description by the sole “eyewitness” in skin color alone. In all three of these cases, those who testified against them were the likely killers.

The sad thing is that residents of Florida’s 18th judicial circuit likely would have clapped for overbearing judge Jerri Collins sentencing the young domestic violence victim to jail, too, had there been enough of an audience.  They’re programmed by Florida Today and other slanted local reporting to vote for judges who aren’t capable of serving the public … they learn to celebrate the constriction or elimination of their own and fellow residents’ rights to fair trials.

Jerri Collins is a former 18th judicial circuit assistant state attorney (prosecutor) who was appointed to the bench by Jeb Bush. Per multiple sources, including his March 1, 2013, application for nomination to Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals, John C. Murphy is retired military, having achieved the rank of Colonel.

Being a former prosecutor is a big deal in the 18th. It means you know where all the skeletons are buried, and who buried them: it’s protection. Nefarious John Dean Moxley was a prosecutor before he became a judge, and has yet to be held accountable for his role in framing innocents using charlatan dog handler Preston.

Being retired military is a big deal in the 18th, because the circuit has military ties that are likely second only to Washington, D.C. … the Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force Base drew in not only the aerospace industry, but the communications and surveillance industries. Judge W. David Dugan is former military, and he has yet to be held accountable for his role in keeping frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler Preston intact.

As I opened with a violence against women story run amok, I’ll add two more.

Per Florida Today on October 27, 2009 in “Victim’s assistance is vital in campaign against domestic violence,” John Dean Moxley blamed Yolando Garvin-Williams for her own homicide for failing to secure a protection order, stating, “While it’s just a piece of paper and won’t stop a bullet, it stops rational people who have a temporary aberration.” A few months later, Moxley denied Alissa Blanton a protection order, after which her stalker gunned her down and then took his own life.

Ms. Blanton had presented plenty of proof that she was in danger, but Moxley was likely distracted by keeping his scores of frame-ups intact. I previously addressed the number of cases that Moxley had before him while he was writing at length to prosecutor Jeff Ashton to keep Gary Bennett’s frame-up intact. The FBI’s use of Preston in Jeff Ashton’s judicial circuit – the 9th – resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s execution; so it was lawless for Gary’s case to be in Ashton’s hands, which didn’t matter to Charlie Crist, or Rick Scott. Every Florida governor dating back at least to Bob Graham has been a-OK with any measure to keep dog handler frame-ups intact.

All of this is within the knowledge of feds. Every bit of it. Feds used a variety of discredited dog handlers, including John Preston, and they’re not coming clean about it, even though the cases could be reviewed rapidly en masse to affirm that retrials are necessary, which is what should have happened when the FBI renounced their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, and again when the FBI renounced their hair and fiber analysis.

“Scent evidence,” CBLA and hair and fiber analysis were all is use for decades, and the FBI taught their hair and fiber analysis to techs nationwide. This means that tens of thousands of convictions are based on fictions.

Letting innocents die behind bars with their names sullied isn’t a public service. Neither is throwing a violence victim into jail. Neither is throwing punches at a public defender. But residents of Florida’s 18th judicial judicial circuit will read the newspapers and watch the news and vote against their own best interests yet again, because the media isn’t connecting the corruption dots … deliberately. Media moguls get to merge at will so long as they don’t connect dots, and a self-fettered press happens to be exactly what corrupt public servants want, and exactly what they’ve had, at least since the mid 1980’s.

Bob Graham’s family owned the Washington Post while he helped bury dog handler messes as Florida’s governor in the 80’s and while he later buried dog handler messes deeper still while serving on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee. It is the FBI’s responsibility to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes, and they’ve instead generated public corruption that affects trial outcomes. With K-9’s, with bullets, with hair and fiber, with who knows what else.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey could fix things fast for the four fellows I named.

Ivey could investigate just how it was that so much evidence from Gary Bennett’s John Preston “scent evidence” case got lost, and how it was that that which wasn’t lost had been “washed” clean of biological material, despite the evidence being supposedly sealed. Ivey could run the crime scene prints that didn’t match Monte Adams, and run any DNA available … it all may be two related cold homicide cases, which the sheriff’s site makes clear. Ivey could call upon the new head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to have the false testimony about Jeff Abramowski’s DNA investigated and retracted, with Judy Foley and Michael Bruce Foley’s DNA identified as the actual match. Ivey could ask for charges to be dropped against Crosley Green, as no one can change their height, weight and hair length as well as make their fingerprints and footprints disappear, leaving behind only “scent evidence” for another dog handler – O’Dell Kiser – to track.

But Wayne Ivey doesn’t care that innocents are serving killers’ time. He worked in Brevard for the Florida Department of Law Enforcment while these frames were being hatched or being patched, during which time he lied to me over the phone about frame-ups involving John Preston. Quite smoothly.

The Department of Justice remains disinterested in the Florida Department of Corrections personnel’s penchant for murdering inmates, and disinterested in the likelihood that they’ll eventually murder an innocent, given the breadth of the FBI’s faux forensics, and given certain circuits’ penchant for frame-ups – like the 18th’s. As this disinterest is universal, and apparently as okay with Barack Obama as it was with his predecessors, it will likely take UN intervention and foreign sanctions to make justice available.

Offender Picture

Gary Bennett

Offender Picture

Monte Adams

Offender Picture

Jeff Abramowski

Offender Picture

Crosley “Papa” Green

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