The dastardly reporting of the @OrlandoSentinel’s Bang Bang Maxwell

Proposed Florida law: Kill someone, claim self-defense … get $200k

“This is a dangerous piece of legislation,” said Phil Archer, the gun-toting Republican state attorney for Seminole and Brevard counties. “I don’t know how else to say it.”

Archer said the law would essentially force prosecutors to try every case twice — once to validate self-defense claims and then again for the actual trial — a costly hurdle for prosecutors “even if it is obviously not a viable self-defense claim. Every defendant in every case is going to ask for it.”

The $200,0000 payments would also probably force offices to cut prosecutors, he said, explaining: “There’s nothing else to cut.”



John Dobbs

How reporter Scott Maxwell came to know that Phil Archer was armed is puzzling. Is Maxwell fascinated with guns; does he ask everyone he interviews? It’s not likely it was an in-person interview, because Archer isn’t the state attorney for the Orlando Sentinel’s Orange/Osceola turf … he’s the state attorney for Florida Today’s Brevard/Seminole turf.

I’m not a reporter, yet I know that state attorneys’ budgets don’t take anywhere the number of budgetary hits of public defenders’ offices, even though public defenders have fewer resources to begin with – law enforcement is not on their side. Archer’s “nothing else to cut” crack was therefore crap.

Maxwell’s linked story would have based on John Dobbs’ false conviction on the Orlando Sentinel’s newspaper’s turf if he’d wanted to portray the whole truth of Stand Your Ground, and his questions would have been directed to corrupt Orange and Osceola state attorney Jeff Ashton.

This was a bait and switch deceit, and not the Orlando Sentinel’s first on Stand Your Ground …  their history of “dastardly” reporting is decades long and showing no signs of letting up.

In his September 21, 2009 article “Does stand-your-ground law have people jumping the gun,” Orlando Sentinel reporter Gary Taylor quoted Brevard/Seminole assistant Wayne Holmes instead of then-Orange/Osceola assistant state attorney Jeff Ashton.

Taylor’s article addressed Stand Your Ground as it was disparately addressed in Dayne Rollins, Carlton Montford, Jimmy Hair and David Heckman’s cases.

John Dobbs’ case was conspicuous by its absence.

On Orlando Sentinel turf, John Dobbs was denied both standard self defense and Stand Your Ground, although John was not the aggressor, although he was outnumbered, although he was defending not only his own life, but his girlfriend’s. The Orlando Sentinel facilitated that outrageous outcome.

Four (4) Orlando Sentinel reporters claimed that John had killed a black man in a racially motivated attack. As you can see from the photo above, John is black … so is his girlfriend. His attackers, of whom there were at least four (4), were not black. It follows that only one sentence of these three from the October 26, 2006 Orlando Sentinel “racial slurs provoke” article comes even close to being true, the one I have placed in bold (the entire article appears at the end of the post):

The last patrons to leave the club, Troy, 24, of Kissimmee and his friends were getting into their car at the same time the woman and Dobbs were getting into his car, a parking valet told Mason.

“All of a sudden she’s screaming very loud,” Mason said, repeating profanity and racial slurs directed at Troy, who is black, and his friends.

One of Troy’s friends argued with the woman until Dobbs left his car and knocked out the man with one punch. Dobbs then fought Troy and the others, Mason said. [emphasis added]

The Orlando Sentinel’s decades of dastardly reporting has ruined other lives aside from John Dobbs, including William “Tommy” Zeigler and Gary Bennett’s … both of their intact frame-ups now speak directly to reporter Scott Maxwell’s credibility, which I called him out on.

Because reporting has been so very dastardly for so very long, Governor Rick Scott’s choice to participate in conviction corruption – rather than rid us of it – is nothing new. It was the same choice I challenged both Governor Charlie Crist and Governor Jeb Bush for making. It was the same choice made by Governor Bob Graham in the 1980’s. Graham alone went on to abuse his authority in the U.S. Senate: on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committtee, it was his job to make the FBI adhered to all of its mandates, including the one to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes, he instead abused that authority to bury his and the FBI’s involvement with “scent evidence.”

Please sign and share this petition to stop Rick Scott from following further in Bob Graham’s footsteps … the very last thing we need is our federal agencies running even further amok from well-practiced, corrupt oversight. If you are unfamiliar with some of the issues the petition addresses, please consider that it is likely be due to dastardly reporting, and sign anyway. Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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