Soulless @OrlandoSentinel sells Tommy Ziegler out yet again

Bill would require unanimous juries for death penalty

The bill — an identical measure (HB 157) has already been filed in the House — would only apply to sentencing proceedings that begin after July 1, 2016. Similar efforts have failed in prior legislative sessions.

News Service of Florida via


William “Tommy” Zeigler’s Central Florida jury decided he deserved a life sentence, but the judge threw out their recommendation and ordered that Tommy be put to death.

From then on, various incarnations of the Orlando Sentinel have pretended that the preponderance of evidence indicates that Tommy is guilty.

It doesn’t. And he isn’t.

And one former Orlando Sentinel editor-in-chief said as much – and then some – before he died. Here’s part of what he wrote about the Sentinel’s “dastardly” coverage of Tommy’s case:

I further became overwhelmingly convinced that biased journalism — indeed, some of the most reprehensibly sloppy, inattentive, arrogant journalism I have ever seen — on the part of The Orlando Sentinel (then called the Sentinel Star) contributed greatly from Day One to the circumstances of Mr. Zeigler’s conviction.

The Orlando Sentinel remains biased, sloppy, inattentive and arrogant, and has participated in securing other frame-ups. Were it not all of these things – and yellow-bellied, as well – it would have printed its own story about HB 57 instead of publishing the News Service of Florida’s release, and it would have called for legislators to make the bill retroactive, so that it would apply to Tommy, and anyone else that Florida’s corrupt 9th judicial circuit framed with their assistance.

The Orlando Sentinel’s priority is to engineer elections of lawless incompetents, and then keep protecting them by hiding or glossing over their wrongdoing, i.e.; Jeff Ashton.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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