Korean ski Olympics destroy 500 year old forest

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The Gariwang was considered a royal, forbidden mountain and has been under state protection for centuries. Now its ancient forest is being bulldozed to make room for a ski slope. PETER FROST is not alone in holding this to be an environmental crime


As you are reading this South Korea Olympic organisers and their bulldozers are tearing down a 500-year-old forest to make room for new ski facilities.

Trees, some centuries old, are being ripped from the ground and four dangerously threatened animal species that make their home here are being persecuted into extinction.

The four animals under serious threat are the eurasian otter, the leopard cat, the marten (below) and the flying squirrel. All four along with rare and threatened insects and plants are at severe risk from the policy decision that will see the forest cut down entirely.


Across the mountainside a huge bare-earth scar has appeared where…

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6 Responses to Korean ski Olympics destroy 500 year old forest

  1. I agree this is a crime. They could have found another site and used this area as a tourist destination. They could have made paths with guided tours for people to walk through the forrest to observe it’s natural beauty. It could have helped to perserve it.

    • Korea will regret its shortsightedness, undoubtedly; but regret won’t undo the damage. Makes me very sad.

      • I have to say that the Olympic committes and host countries have dissappointed me over the last 10 years. I find it deploraable how they have exploited the construction workers on building the facilities in the past. It has been exploiting people. I have stopped watching the olympics in protest. This is a prime reason why I refuse to watch the Olympics.

      • I stopped watching the Olympics for the same reasons, Honey. I try to sign and share every petition I come across that addresses related workforce exploitation, and am saddened that none of the petitions have succeeded so far.

  2. Terrible. And there’s a sickening irony, too. Most sports originally were played out-of-doors, and athletes adore nature. Maybe it’s time for Olympic athletes to protest.

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