@TheJusticeDept, @FBI: Of course it was Florida. How could it not be Florida?

John Oliver covered Florida’s criminal trial travesties fairly well. But it also costs money in Florida to have the court make a determination on whether or not you have enough money to pay fees and costs in a civil case. The judge may decide you aren’t poor, even if you haven’t a cent.

If you lose, you could be charged with attorneys costs. And the likelihood that you will lose when you have just cause to prevail is extremely high. Florida judges do not hold attorneys accountable for stalling tactics that cause you to file additional motions, with a fee attached to each (if you didn’t have the money to gamble on whether the judge would find that you actually are poor and the good luck to win that gamble). Judges may tell you that it isn’t their job to address perjuries, obstruction, abuse of process, etc., when it actually is, and instruct you to have a higher court address the slanders, libels and malice you’re endured, which you won’t be able to afford, either.

This is all very, very convenient for slumlords who don’t like to provide intact roofs and floors, hot and cold running water, operable heat and air conditioning and the like. This is convenient for physicians whose surgeries make you worse than before you were operated on. This is convenient for insurance companies that like to overcharge and/or ignore claims. This is convenient for mortgage companies that like to receive kickbacks for Forced Place Insurance. This is convenient for violent domestic partners that cause their partners to flee for their lives with few of their personal assets and effects and none of the assets of the partnership.

You’d be wise to put money on John Oliver addressing these additional Florida trial travesties long before the Department of Justice and FBI do, although it’s their job to make sure that justice is actually available and that no public servant acts under Color of Law rather than Rule of Law. The FBI will even formally claim they’ve never heard of you – via snail mail – when you’ve got emails in your inbox that indicate that they damn well have, and when you’ve additionally got a formal report from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department that indicates they used the state system to track your ass.

Floridians can’t wait for John Oliver to keep attacking the craziest state in the union until there’s nothing left to laugh and cry about, simultaneously. We have to help each other right now. Please sign this petition; help make the Department of Justice do it’s job, whether it wants to, or not. Thank you.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to @TheJusticeDept, @FBI: Of course it was Florida. How could it not be Florida?

  1. Time for complete Florida political/legal/social reform, on every facet, of this otherwise gorgeous state.

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