@FLGovScott’s tainted Executive Order likely facilitated swift injustice

Attorney sex investigation was thorough, police chief says | Local News – WPBF Home

Currey said the investigation was thorough and his department would do it the same way again. “Sometimes unfortunately individuals aren’t prosecuted for different reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t commit the offense,” Currey said.

Source: Attorney sex investigation was thorough, police chief says | Local News – WPBF Home


Because Florida 19th Judicial Circuit and 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Offices are both burying what they know involving intact frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler John Preston and his disgraced “trainer” Thomas McGinn, and have been doing so for decades, any exchange of prosecutorial responsibilities is incurably tainted.

Rick Scott knows this to be true, yet transferred the responsibilities for investigating and prosecuting Charles Sullivan Sr. for alleged sexual advances against one of his female employees from here in the 19th to the neighboring 18th.

To make matters worse, the 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office is well known for delivering wrist slaps – under tainted transfer – when that is the desire of the transferring district.

An example of this is the tainted transfer of Michael Emmons prosecution from the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office to the 18th. The taint was Emmons having performed contractual work for the 18th circuit.

Emmons worked (or works) in IT in the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office, and was accused of leaking information on the Casey Anthony case, using state equipment to conduct business (likely including his contractual work for the 18th), and using state equipment to track his ex-wife. Emmons was given a pay cut, and was allowed to remain on the job. In other words, the 18th gave the 9th what the 9th wanted, not what taxpayers in the 9th deserved, which is NOT to employ criminals with their hard-earned tax dollars. Keeping a corrupt IT worker on staff clouds a current matter … whether or not Jeff Ashton used state computers in regards to his Ashley Madison membership.

When I first wrote of Charles Sullivan Sr. and the taint on the transfer from the 19th to the 18th on August 28th, I titled the post so that it would challenge Rick Scott to dissolve (vacate) his Executive Order when posted to Twitter.

Governor Scott had issued E.O. #2015-128 in the Sullivan matter on July 2nd, so the total time invested by the 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office in investigating Sullivan – under taint, with good reason to believe that justice wouldn’t be served – was two months. Two months!

Compare and contrast that to Rick Scott two (ludicrous) executive orders to “reform” the Florida Department of Corrections, which – combined with other “actions” – hasn’t so much as managed to make justice available to a homicide victim’s family after more than 38 months … mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey was scalded to death by Dade Correctional Institution officers on June 23, 2012.

Failure to address Rainey’s homicide caused Richard Mair’s 2013 at Dade C.I., and Lavar Valentin’s 2014 homicide at Dade C.I. … and three (3) suspicious deaths at Dade C.I. so far this year.

Other prisons are as deadly as Dade C.I.

I shudder to think what all the Confidential executive orders that Rick Scott issued this year are all about, and why the executive orders that have been vacated are not available to download. Rick Scott is known for disdaining Sunshine.

Scott had the opportunity and the obligation to dissolve (vacate) another incurably tainted executive order involving the 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office, one that Charlie Crist originated. Had Scott acted quickly, Gary Bennett’s case could have been taken out of Jeff Ashton’s unclean hands in the 9th judicial circuit and transferred to a circuit that hadn’t been involved with either charlatan dog handler John Preston (used to frame Gary) or his disgraced “trainer,” Thomas McGinn.

The FBI was involved in Linroy Bottoson’s prosecution in the 9th judicial circuit, which resulted in Bottoson being executed in 2002 despite K-9 handler Preston being discredited 20 years earlier in Dale Sutton’s federal prosecution, and again within Bottoson’s prosecution, and again within Juan Ramos’ retrial in the 18th circuit – and despite the jailhouse informant recanting his testimony against Bottoson, and despite Bottoson having a nearly livelong history of mental illness (he had schizophrenia).

When any of their agent’s slip-ups put them on the wrong side of the law, the FBI is prone to finding victimized citizens expendable … a surreal number of victimized citizens. The FBI was involved with a number of DNA-discredited dog handlers, and won’t own up to it so that the cases can be re-investigated en masse instead of each victim fighting for justice by his or herself. The FBI has debunked their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis so unethically that prosecutors are claiming that the thoroughly discredited technique has been found somewhat less reliable than originally thought. The FBI has debunked their hair and fiber analysis so dishonestly that it’s likely that the analysis is still being used, nationwide – the FBI taught hair and fiber analysis to techs from all over the county. Each crappy forensic tool – “scent evidence,” CBLA, hair and fiber – has been is use for decades. Tens and tens of thousands of convictions are likely false, which translates to tens and tens of thousands of criminals being on the streets instead of behind bars.

There is no legitimate oversight of the FBI, not by the NSA, not by congressional oversight committees, not by the Department of Justice, not by the president: The agency is rogue, ruthless, negligent and incompetent; no amount of mainstream media “reporting” can make it otherwise, no amount of Hollywood spin can make it otherwise.

Once my check cleared, Charles Sullivan Sr. was as rude as he was ineffectual in representing me. I witnessed him verbally abusing of one of his female employees, on more than one occasion. It’s my hope that the Vero Beach Police Department keeps an eye on Sullivan … they’ll surely catch him at something: He’s not a good man or a good attorney; he’s just another Florida taker/faker good ole boy, who’s somehow earned undeserved deference from taker/faker Rick Scott and two taker/faker judicial circuits’ state attorneys, Bruce Colton and Phil Archer, that the FBI should have busted long ago.

Please take a moment to sign and share this petition, even if you don’t agree with every single statement it contains. There is more than enough evidence that the Department of Justice is obliged to investigate Rick Scott and address his lawlessness. It is the only avenue available to Floridians – we do no have a recall or impeachment process (which means our legislature isn’t doing its job, either). Thank you. 

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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