Is the Florida Sheriff’s Association stupid, or corrupt?

Sheriff Wayne Ivey Co-Chairs Florida Sheriff’s Association Cold Case Review Team |

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Sheriff Wayne Ivey has been selected as the Vice Chairman of the Florida Sheriffs Association Cold Case Review Team Committee, which held their first meeting last week.

In addition to Sheriff Ivey, Florida Sheriffs Association Cold Case Review Team members from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office include Chief Deputy Doug Waller, Sgt. Terry Laufenberg, Agent Wayne Simock and Agent Joe Martin.

via Sheriff Wayne Ivey Co-Chairs Florida Sheriff’s Association Cold Case Review Team |.

The article linked above touts the solving of Ramona Lee Moore’s homicide as legwork: it’s not true, and won’t become true by repetition. The homicide was solved by an incidental CODIS DNA hit.

The Florida Sheriff’s Association either made a stupid mistake in involving Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and members of his staff in their Cold Case Review Team, or their association is corrupt.

In re-investigating James Dvorak’s 1980’s Canova Beach skull-crush robbery/homicide after William Dillon was DNA-cleared and freed after 27 years in prison, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office did not re-investigate the 1980’s Canova Beach skull-crush robbery/homicide of Pauline Scandale.

Canova Beach is about as big as a breadbasket, investigating one 1980’s skull-crush homicide without investigating the other was ridiculous, especially after a DNA match was declared to a suspect for the Dvorak homicide. Jack Parker was Brevard’s sheriff at the time, not Ivey; but Parker’s incompetence was very much Ivey’s business … Ivey was Parker’s superior – assigned to Brevard by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

There are two unsolved Cocoa gas station homicides (Eric Nicoletti and Michael Capponi) that may well be related to the sentence that Monte Adams is somehow serving time for as the sole perpetrator of a prior Cocoa gas station homicide, despite his fingerprints not being a match to crime scene prints. Those prints – due to their inconvenience in prosecuting Adams – were never run. I challenged Parker to run them, just as I challenged him to re-investigate Ms. Scandale’s homicide. He refused. Remember … Ivey was his superior.

It took more than a year – if memory serves – to even get Parker to list the date of Ms. Scandale’s homicide. The agency received federal dollars to update their cold case database, and you’d never know it – still. Not with Ivey supervising Parker then, not with Ivey supervising himself now: sometimes there being no picture says more than a picture can say – I simply don’t believe that all of the people whose photos aren’t “available” (below) didn’t have a driver’s license, and hence no available photo … there may even be a license photo for the 87-year-old – my dad continued driving well into his 90’s.

Wayne Ivey loves – LOVES – to cite his FBI ties. He does so with complete confidence that the FBI will never, ever reveal what he knows about Brevard’s remaining intact frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler John Preston (like Gary Bennett’s), and that continuing to cite FBI ties is a great idea. I believe Ivey’s confidence is misplaced, as more and more people are coming to understand how corrupt the FBI is … they have no trouble at all believing that the FBI is only helping the likes of Parker and Ivey because of their direct involvement with John Preston, which resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s 2002 execution.

The FBI was directly involved with other DNA-discredited dog handlers, of whom Keith Pikett was likely the most prolific, mucking up @2,500 criminal investigations, mostly in Texas. As big as the FBI’s K-9 problem is, it pales in comparison to their other forensics nightmares, like debunking their own hair and fiber analysis and Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis. They taught their hair and fiber analysis to techs nationwide, many of whom are still likely using the flawed analysis because the media has downplayed its import – it likely calls tens of thousands of convictions into question.

Then there’s the matter of the FBI’s warrant-less snooping. And the matter of their pretending to have found terrorists that later turn out not to have been interested in terrorism until the FBI baited them. And the matter of the FBI’s “lost or stolen” laptops and weapons, 160 apiece. The import of all these matters – too – is downplayed by the media. After all, how can the media pretend that Edward Snowden is so very dangerous if all he has is four secure laptops, not 40 times as many laptops that aren’t secure.

The Department of Justice and the NSA know how messed up the FBI is, and so do Congressional intelligence oversight committees. It’s time for top-down accountability. Please sign this petition and help bring it about. Thank you.

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