@FLGovScott: DISSOLVE Executive Order 15-128; make Bruce Colton either do his job, or resign

Vero Beach attorney, 82, accused of sexual assault free on bond | Local News – WPBF Home

A woman told police that she had been the victim of sexual advances by her boss, Charles A. Sullivan Sr., 82. She claims that the abuse happened over the past year …

… She reported the unwanted advances to his son, Charles Sullivan Jr., and told him that she was very upset by the encounter. He told her that he would speak to his father and tell him to leave her alone.

Charles Sullivan Sr. apologized to the victim.

via Vero Beach attorney, 82, accused of sexual assault free on bond | Local News – WPBF Home.


19th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Bruce Colton should not have asked for the prosecution of attorney Charles Sullivan, Sr. to be handled by any other judicial circuit.

Sullivan is a private attorney. If there is some insurmountable conflict in Colton prosecuting Sullivan, the public is owed an explanation.

The public is also owed an explanation for Colton agreeing to let 18th Judicial State Attorney Phil Archer take over his responsibilities as regards Sullivan.

The financial corruption in Brevard County, the seat of the 18th, is open and notorious and of decades duration: there was a well-documented book written about it in the 1990’s.

The conviction corruption in the 18th Judicial Circuit is also open and notorious, and of decades duration: there have been three well-publicized exonerations so far, there will be many more.

The 19th is tied to the 18th as regards the exonerations. All three upset convictions in the 18th involved the perjured testimony of pretend K-9 “scent evidence” expert, John Preston. The 19th investigated Preston’s so-called trainer – Thomas McGinn – for falsifying K-9 training records, and more. And McGinn’s investigation in the 19th involved Bruce Colton, per the January 14, 1986 Sun Sentinel article, “Conflicting K-9 Records Exist, Lieutenant Says.”

As it happens, I know a bit about Charles Sullivan, Sr. I witnessed him being verbally abusive to one of his female employees on more than one occasion. As that woman was under extreme duress over a loved one’s health, within Sullivan’s knowledge, I believe the man to be capable of just about anything. Once my check cleared, Sullivan wasn’t polite to me, either, his hostility and ineffectiveness seemed equal in measure. He likely saves up all his friendliness for good ole boys.

I know about a demonstrable bit about good ole boys trading cases for predetermined outcomes. And so does Rick Scott. He had an opportunity to DISSOLVE the wicked executive order that put Gary Bennett’s Preston-tainted prosecution in Jeff Ashton’s unclean hands, via transfer to the 9th Judicial Circuit from – of course – the 18th. The 9th had also used John Preston, with FBI participation, and it resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s wrongful execution in 2002.

Because no one in the media is covering Jeff Ashton’s Ashley Madison scandal the way they should – by pointing out that it’s the least of the reasons the public has to be concerned about him – I will attempt to pick up the slack, as clumsily as ever: It doesn’t matter if Michael Emmons is still employed in the 9th Judicial Circuit after he received the sought-after wrist slap from the 18th Judicial Circuit for using the state’s system to run his own computer consulting business, track his former wife and leak information on the Casey Anthony trial while in progress. If the 9th was willing to keep one corrupt IT employee on staff, it’s likely willing to keep many, with at least one capable of “scrubbing” any Ashley Madison unseemliness from the state’s system.

Again, I ask for your assistance in ending Florida’s corruption, before it ruins or ends other innocent lives, and while it has the chance to mend and save lives, likes incarcerated innocents William “Tommy” Zeigler and Gary Bennett, both maliciously prosecuted by Jeff Ashton … Ashton was leading the milquetoast prosecution against Casey Anthony at the same time he was leading the prosecutions of both Tommy and Gary. Please, please sign this petition. And please share this post; help force Rick Scott to do the right thing to ensure that Charles Sullivan, Sr. faces legitimate justice, not a there-for-the-asking 18th Judicial Circuit wrist slap or walk. Thank you.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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